Offline Advertising for Your Crafts Business

Even if you’re running an online crafts business, you can still effectively promote your goods offline. Why is considering a variety of advertising methods important for your business? For some crafters, the bulk of their sales will come from local avenues. Depending on your budget, you may want to consider the following offline advertising options for your crafts business:

Business Cards

Whenever you strike up a conversation about your crafts, show your professionalism and leave a lasting impression with a business card. Today, it is very inexpensive to order business cards for offline advertising purposes. In popular venues, the small size of the cards also makes it easy to leave behind on bulletin boards and in other public places.

Newspaper Ad

People still read the newspaper and taking out a small print ad introducing your crafts business can capture the attention of potential consumers. The most beneficial listing is one printed in the Sunday newspaper when the majority of classified ads are also posted. For less expensive, printed advertising, submit an ad to the local Pennysaver and other smaller local publications offered for free at newsstands.

Craft Shows

Sell your goods and spread the word about your crafts business by mingling with other crafters. Interacting with consumers and displaying your talent is an effective method of offline advertising. Pass out business cards and collect the contact information of other crafters to learn more about your local market.


Spring for a professionally designed flyer or print out your own basic flyers at home. Share the name of your business, logo, and contact information. Add a few pictures of your products and advertise any discounts or sales you may offer. Drum up interest by including a coupon or discount code on the flyer. Distribute flyers in local places, such as grocery stores and restaurants. Tack flyers up on bulletin boards at schools, supermarkets, and laundromats.


If you’re interested in finding a local shop to carry your product line, create colorful postcards tat introduce your crafts business. Mail or hand out the cards when meeting shopkeepers face to face. Pass out seasonal postcards to consumers during the holidays – you never know when someone is looking for a unique gift to give.