How to Protect the Name of Your Crafts Business

A business name is one of the most important pieces to your crafts business puzzle. It is how most consumers will identify your products, advertising, and brand. For offline and online crafts business owners, you should become familiar in how to protect your name. Following the proper procedures will not only shield you from business thievery, but can also save you time, money and legal complications that arise after you become rich and famous.

An Original Name

With thousands upon thousands of crafts businesses springing up each year, it becomes harder to find an original name that hasn’t been taken. Before you fall in love with a business name, you must check to see if another crafter is using it. A simple online search isn’t going to be enough to ensure full protection. Conduct a business name search with the Trademark Electronic Search System found on the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office website.

Learn the Difference Between Copyright and Trademark

When it comes to protecting intellectual property, it is a must to become familiar with ‘copyright’ and ‘trademark.’ Copyright generally protects “original works of authorship,” such as a book you’ve written on the crafting business. Trademark will protect your business name, titles, brand, and logos.

Trademark Registration

Technically, your crafts business is protected as soon as you start it, but if you want to utilize the strongest line of defense, trademark registration is a must. Registering your business establishes legal documentation that protects your business. This act will come in handy if you should ever need to take legal action.

Constant Internet Searches

Just because you have legally registered your business doesn’t mean people won’t try to capitalize off of your hard work. It is important to conduct online searches on a regular basis for your business name, slogan, and website copy. Browse relevant entries to identify copyright and trademark infringement.

Google Alerts

Another way to keep your eye out for infringement is to set up Google Alerts for blog posts, news, and other information regarding the name of your business. This will help keep an eye out for both the positive and negative online activity concerning your crafts business.

Online Business Directories

Registering your business name and website with online directories can help you solidify your presence and originality within the marketplace. Hundreds of directories allow business owners to submit website descriptions and links, which also increases your online visibility. Don’t forget to focus on online directories that are specific to the crafts industry.