What Can I Sell on Etsy?

You’ve probably heard that you can sell things on Etsy, but it’s important to note that this online marketplace is not just for the sale of any product or good. Etsy concentrates on the buying and selling of all things handmade. Etsy also works towards bridging the gap between buyers and independent creators/shop owners.

So, what exactly can you sell on Etsy? There are three basic categories your goods must fall under.

1. Handmade

Etsy is the perfect place for you to sell anything that you have made by hand. This allows you to make the most out of a natural talent – whether it’s knitting sweaters or croqueting baby blankets. People sell handmade jewelry, including pendants, bracelets, and rings. Clothing is another popular product sold on Etsy. From a rainbow of unique soaps to organic lotions, sellers also offer a wide range of homemade bath and beauty products.

Handmade goods also include food and other related products, such as homemade brownies, chocolates, lollipops, candy, and cakes. Take advantage of that secret family recipe and share your famous fruitcake. You may also sell mixes for baked goods, spices, and other cooking ingredients, including breads, cookies, scones, and hot chocolate mix.

Other handmade goods sold on Etsy include art, housewares, kitchen décor, furniture, and greeting cards. The possibilities are truly endless – as long as it is made by you.

2. Vintage

One of the rules to selling on Etsy is that you have to offer something handmade – not an item created by someone else. However, vintage items are an exception to this rule. Anything that is more than 20 years old can be sold on Etsy, including 1920s flapper dresses, platform shoes, and Art Deco brooches.

3. Supplies

You can start a business on Etsy simply selling the supplies that crafters need to create their masterpieces. If you have commercial and handmade crafting supplies to offer, Etsy is filled with crafters looking for the shiniest beads, jewelry-making materials, fabric, tools, and other creative knick-knacks. Sellers can choose to advertise items by the piece or offer bulk discounts.

No Illegal or Prohibited Items

You cannot sell illegal or prohibited items on Etsy, including alcohol, tobacco, live animals, pornography, firearms (and other weapons), drugs, recalled items, real estate, and motor vehicles. Sellers cannot offer items that promote or support hatred, racial, or religious intolerance. You cannot sell something that encourages others to participate in illegal activity.