Eco-Friendly Business Ideas for Etsy

An increasing number of consumers are embracing the notion of purchasing goods that take into consideration the planet and environment. Recycling materials, repurposing objects, and choosing sustainable materials are popular methods of making money on Etsy. Why do shoppers go crazy over green products? Because the above-mentioned goods are handcrafted, unique and one-of-a-kind. A couple of ways to establish eco-friendly Etsy shop practices include:

Recycled Goods

Recycled goods involve the transformation of old, used, or discarded objects or trash into works of art and other handcrafted creations. For example, some crafters collect vintage watch parts to make unique jewelry pieces. The rubber from old bike tire inner tubes has been used to create high-fashion tote bags. Broken bike chains have been turned into can openers.

Other ideas include:

  • Recycling bottle caps into refrigerator magnets.
  • Recycling old dominoes to create fashion pendants.
  • Turning broken vase pieces into beautiful mosaics.
  • Using the material of discarded medical scrubs to make men’s ties.

Upcycled or Repurposed Goods

Upcycled or repurposed goods are created when a crafter breathes new life into a used item. A repurposed good is one that serves a different purpose than originally intended – for an intended longer period of time. For example, a roll of duct tape can become a crafter’s new material of choice. Repurpose the sticky adhesive into colorful goods, such as credit card holders, wallets, and even handbags.

Other ideas include:

  • Using an old teacup as a decorative holder for homemade candles.
  • Create bathmats using discarded plastic bags.
  • Turning a used Coke bottle into a decorative vase.

Sustainable Goods

Sustainable goods provide environmental, social and economic benefits while protecting the planet. Sustainable goods involve the eco-friendly extraction of raw materials and the final details of creation. For example, products made out of bamboo are sustainable because the plant saves other trees from use, and bamboo is easily replaceable in a short amount of time. Bamboo is made into a wide range of goods, including furniture, cooking utensils, toys, and clothing.

Eco-Friendly Packaging

If you are unable to work with recyclable or sustainable materials as a crafter, there are other ways to incorporate eco-initiatives into your business. For example, packaging plays an important role in running a business. A few eco-friendly business practices to consider include using biodegradable packaging peanuts, recyclable packaging materials, recycling your own boxes, and filling large boxes with crumpled magazine pages.