Crafts for Kids: Valentine’s Day Boxes

To get your child into the spirit of Valentine’s Day, what better craft project than creating a box for family and friends to leave behind their cards. All you need is a simple box, construction paper, and a few school supplies and you’ll have a lovable critter watching over your son or daughter’s Valentine Day cards in no time.


This craft project for kids requires paper, glue, scissors, a small empty box (like a shoe or Kleenex box), and construction paper (or gift wrap). Some parents purchase wiggly eyes from the local craft shop or can use paper or buttons. It is also optional to use thin cardboard, such as an empty cereal box for this project to make a sturdier critter. Additional materials to enhance the look of the box may include glitter, rhinestones, markers, ribbon, etc.


  1. Wrap an empty box with construction paper (or festive gift wrap). Use glue to attach the paper to the box. It’s suggested to use colors and designs associated with Valentine’s Day, but anything will do.
  2. Use a pair of scissors to cut a slit in the top of the box that is large enough to accommodate Valentine’s Day cards.
  3. Creating the body and head of an animal is not as difficult as it seems when you stick with basic shapes. You can make any animal of your choice, but this tutorial will focus on a teddy bear.
  4. To start, draw an oval, egg-shape or circle for the body. Cut out the shape. On another sheet of paper, draw and cut out a smaller oval, egg-shape or circle for the head. Cut out two small circles or ovals to use as ears for your teddy bear.
  5. To strengthen the body parts of the animal, glue the paper body parts to pieces of thin cardboard. If using a cereal box, glue the shapes to the outside of the box. Cut the shapes out.
  6. Glue the head to the top of the body. Attach the ears to the top of the head.
  7. Paper hearts can be used as decoration. Cut out two construction paper hearts to fit inside the ears. A smaller heart will serve as the nose. You can also draw a mouth from the nose. Use old buttons, construction paper circles, or other circular items to make the eyes. Two pieces of elbow macaroni make excellent eyebrows.
  8. Make a bowtie for your animal by cutting out two construction paper triangles of equal size. Place a construction paper heart in the middle of the triangles to form the middle of the bowtie.
  9. Glue your teddy bear to the back of the box.
  10. Cut out a larger heart and write your child’s name on it. Encourage them to decorate the heart or their name if they like. This will be glued to the front of the box.