Repurposed and Upcycled Train Cases on Etsy

Designer: Judy Valencerina

Etsy Shop: Remixed Vintage

Started: May 2010

Judy Valencerina is a creative jack-of-all-trades, who sings jazz, writes songs, graphic designs, and upcycles vintage items amongst other things. With collage and decoupage techniques, Judy transforms vintage luggage, jewelry boxes, old signs, and other gently used items into one-of-a-kind creations. You can also request customization.

Remixed Vintage focuses on repurposed train cases. Judy gives vintage train cases a new life, which her customers use to store cosmetics, jewelry, small tools, art supplies, photos, fashion accessories (such as scarves and belts), special trinkets, and other keepsakes.

Judy’s style…

Judy enjoys birds, butterflies, and flowers. “I like incorporating imagery from nature in my pieces. The paisley raindrops remind me of flowing water or rolling clouds. I also love digging through old children’s books and maps to find shapes and colors to cut by hand.”

What is your most favorite customized design for a train case? And why.

“[Designing train cases] all started with my music. When I played small gigs around the LA area, I’d have to tote my merch (CD’s for sale & email-list, flyers, tip jar) around with me… so I bought an old train case at a boutique in Ventura to use for displaying all the little doo-dads. Around the same time, I was designing with paper cutouts for the jacket/sleeve for my homemade CD. I decided to give the train case the same treatment. At every gig, I’d receive so many compliments on the piece, and suggestions that I should sell them online because they were so unique. This is my all-time fave case, as it got everything started.”

Where do you find the items that you customize?

“Most of my cases are found at antique markets in the southern CA area – Long Beach, Pasadena Rose Bowl, and Ventura County Fairgrounds. I find many different styles this way. People seem to favor the older era cases from the 40’s through the 60’s. The newer Samsonites from the 70’s are okay, and usually in better shape – but it’s such a thrill to find an older piece that is still in awesome condition at a good price. I also like antique shops, thrifts stores, & eBay.”

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