Etsy By the Sea

Etsy artisans are often inspired by nature when making their creations. Bodies of water encourage ocean wave designs, seafoam-colored jewelry, and textured pottery. To get an idea of just a few of the sea-related specialties offered on Etsy, consider the following artisans and shops:

Message in a Bottle

Mystic Messages incorporates a handful of sea-related elements to create your very own message in a bottle. Authentic sand from Hollywood Beach, California and one tiny seashell are placed inside a glass bottle. Inside, one scroll with a message you create is also inserted. The bottle is corked with the option to make it a single keepsake, necklace, or key chain. A charm of your choice is attached to the bottle, which ranges from an angel to the key to your heart.

Names in the Sand

A number of Etsy shops offer personalized and customized sand photographs that create memorable keepsakes and gifts. One-of-a-kind custom seaside photos make the perfect gift for birthdays, anniversaries and weddings, or can help you simply tell someone how much you miss them. You get to choose names, dates, and symbols. Some photographers will add embellishments, such as shells or even a starfish to the image, such as ShootingWithSlinky. They do the legwork and create the customized images, which are sent to you in JPEG form.

Shell Jewelry

Along the coastlines and seashores, an abundance of shells in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors await the artisan interested in making jewelry. From decorating picture frames to unique magnets, Etsy crafters have used shells in many different ways, but jewelry is still one of the most popular creations. For instance, these one-of-a-kind earrings take full advantage of the uniqueness of limpet shells, which the artist finds along a beach in California. The artist hand drilled and wire wrapped the shells with smoky crystal, and are sold at ByDelia.

Hand-Painted Sand Dollars

Another creature of the sea is the sand dollar, which refers to the many different sea urchins that burrow into the sand and ocean floor. You probably never thought that a sand dollar could help you cheer on your favorite sports teams. Ishamrocknroll is an Etsy shop based in Clearwater, Florida that offers handpainted sand dollars that represent an artistic love of sports. Professional sports teams include baseball, basketball, and football, as well as college basketball. You can also place custom requests.