How to Host a Craft Party

Let’s say you run a craft business or simply craft for a hobby, and you want to share your creativeness with family and friends. What better way to introduce your love of crafting than to host a craft party? With food, drinks, and tons of imagination, your loved ones and buddies may spark an interest they never knew existed.

1. Gather Craft Ideas

Browse craft books and magazines to get an idea of the type of crafts you’d like to introduce to your guests. Choose crafts that you have made before. Consider the people you’d like to invite and adjust your crafts according to their skill levels. Will children be present at your party? Prepare to set up a table with mini-projects they can complete.

2. Create an Invitation

Once you’ve settled on the crafts for the party, create invitations. Email or mail out your invitations using graphics that correspond with the theme of your party.

3. Make Examples

Before hosting your party, you need to make examples of the crafts beforehand. These will serve as guides for your guests as they follow along with each step.

4. Table and Chairs

A table large enough to accommodate all of your guests will create a warm gathering. Make sure everyone has a comfortable chair to sit in. The surface should be flat and clean.

5. Supplies

When buying supplies for your craft party, purchase enough for each guest along with a few extras. On the day of the party, divide the materials and situate at each seat. Have at least two of any tool that needs to be shared. Print out copies of directions for every guest.

6. Music

Music helps set the mood for a craft party, but make sure that it plays low so that it doesn’t interrupt any conversation or instruction.

7. Food and Snacks

Before kicking off your craft party, it’s suggested to serve a light meal, pass out appetizers and/or put out snacks. If you’re hosting a craft party during the holidays, serve complementary food. Think eggnog and sugar cookies for Christmas. Jellybeans and pastel-colored cupcakes are perfect for Easter time. Other suggestions include flavored coffees, hot cocoa, tea, finger sandwiches, and packaged cookies.

8. Camera

Have a camera on hand to take photos of the crafting process, as well as the finished products. Perhaps the next party could include creating a scrapbook of the event.