Scrapbookers: Selling Pre-Made Layouts & Images on Etsy

Scrapbooks are a popular method of preserving memories of loved ones, events, and experiences. The time and creativity that goes into making scrapbooks is sometimes too much for some people to handle.

Luckily, Etsy offers a place where scrapbookers can not only show off their talents, but also provide a platform to sell supplies and make money. Below you will learn about some of the ways scrapbookers can make money on Etsy.

1) Pre-Made Scrapbook Layouts

Pre-made layouts allow people to quickly catalogue their memories in an eye-catching and innovative fashion. There are two different ways to approach layouts for scrapbooks: generic or themed. Possible themes include: new baby, wedding, vacation, graduation, and anniversaries. Your layouts should include appealing embellishments (such as buttons, ribbons, stamps, and rhinestones), photo mats, and room for users to write down their thoughts, titles, or information.

2) Images for Scrapbooks

While personal photos play an important role in scrapbooks, digital images are also used to enhance pages. Artisans either draw or design images that are saved as PNG or JPEG files. Images are provided to Etsy shoppers with a transparent background that they can download, and then print or edit in their own graphics program. From vintage-style imagery to cartoony illustrations, there is no end to the kind of art you can provide scrapbookers. To truly stand out, create images that are unique and hard-to-find.

3) Paper Designs

Some Etsy crafters sell high-quality designs saved with high resolution, which serve as patterned papers for scrapbookers. The consumer then has the option to print the patterns on paper of their choosing, such as textured, plain, colored, glossy, or of varying thickness.

4) Digital Fonts

For people that enjoy digital scrapbooking, having a variety of fonts provides more opportunities for creativity to blossom. Some scrapbookers also print out digital fonts to include in the pages of their physical albums. When looking for fonts to create, consider fancy script for wedding scrapbooks, children’s handwriting for baby books, and hobby-related fonts.

5) Stickers

Adhesive embellishments are a popular way to decorate scrapbooking pages. To ensure the longevity of the layout, offer consumers acid-free stickers. You may also want to include stickers that match existing layout pages and papers available at your Etsy shop.

6) Embellishments

Scrapbookers are always on the lookout for unique ways to adorn their pages. Since Etsy allows crafters to sell supplies, you could also outfit your store with vintage trinkets, charms, envelope tags, stamps, die cut cardstock, and metal embellishments.

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