Etsy Spotlight: Funky Jewellery UK

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Etsy is filled with many crafters that follow an eco-friendly initiative, and with Funky Jewellery UK – you get planet-friendly creations with loads of color. Using everyday household objects and recycled products, Natalie Mitchell of the United Kingdom, creates eye-catching and multihued jewelry that demands an audience.

A Few Standouts

To see the kinds of items you can purchase at Funky Jewellery UK, consider the following creations:

Funky Rainbow Zip Necklace : A top-seller for Funky Jewellery UK is this explosion of color made from recycled zip heads that have been individually painted by hand. The necklace allows you to make a flashy statement. Choose a multi-colored creation or request a specific color scheme.  A pair of Zip Earrings will look smashing with the necklace.

Funky Rainbow Pencil Bracelet : Wear your rainbow around your neck or wrist with a bracelet or necklace made out of colored pencils. These lightweight pieces are multi-colored. You can also request other color schemes. Made from 100% recycled colored pencils, the necklace is one size fit all with the help of a silver plated chain extender.

Red and Black Pasta Bow Tie Necklace : Who would have thought that bow tie pasta could become part of an eye-catching, fun necklace? Offered in other color schemes, this piece is comprised of red and black bow ties.

Glitzy Glam Pasta Shell Necklace : To make a sparkling statement, this necklace is made out of hand-painted pasta shells with a touch of silver glitter. For something less glitzy, the necklace also comes in colors of your own choosing.

A Few Questions with Natalie Mitchell

1. What is your favorite thing to make?

My favourite thing to make is probably my paper necklaces. There are so many possibilities so I don’t know what it’s going to look like until it’s done. They give me more freedom to play! I begin by making hundreds of little paper coils, and then putting them together like a jigsaw. It’s quite therapeutic!

2. How did you get started in the handmade/craft business?

I was clearing out some clothes to take to a charity shop and I noticed that a lot of my stuff had nice coloured zips on them. I took some off and made a little necklace out of them. I then asked friends and family to save me zips from any old clothes and I began painting them in bright colours. I made a necklace very similar to the one in my shop and I wore it everywhere. Wherever I went people commented and asked where I had got it, so I decided I would make some to sell. I enjoyed it so much I started making more and more pieces.

3. What inspires your work?

I am inspired by the beauty in mundane, every day objects. I love the fact that a piece of junk can be made into a beautiful piece of jewellery. I am always looking for things in junk shops or in my food cupboards to see what lovely shapes are in there! Another of my passions is colour. The brighter the better I say!

4. Anything else you’d like to share?

My favourite quote is “One man’s junk is another man’s treasure”. And it never hurts to be green and eco-friendly either 🙂

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