5 Tips for Starting a Craft Blog for Your Business

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No matter where you decide to sell your crafts, starting a craft blog can be an essential part of your crafts business. Your blog can help you promote your products, build a customer base, and show off your creativity. Your blog can be a great compliment to your Etsy shop, online store, or even a great referral for customers you meet at craft parties or craft fairs. There are many books and detailed tutorials that will guide you through things like choosing a blog host, creating custom themes, and optimizing your site for search engine results, but we can get you started with a few basic tips for building any good crafts blog.

1. Be Yourself

Even though your blog will be about crafts and the particular products that you make, readers will be interested in learning more about you. This doesn’t mean that you should turn your craft blog into your online diary, but it does mean that you should allow readers a glimpse of your personality. Don’t try to adopt an overly formal or professional tone. Use casual language and talk the way you would talk to your friends. Use your real name, not a pseudonym, and post a picture of yourself. It will build trust with your readers and help to build rapport.

2. Customize Your Blog

You don’t have to be a Web wizard or learn how to design custom templates. Many free templates are available, with easy-to-follow instructions for downloading or hosting them on your blog. You can also customize the layout of your blog, the font, the background, and other elements by simply arranging the choices you are given on your blog dashboard. Creating a unique look for your blog doesn’t have to be hard, but you do have to do it. A bland and boring blog template will reflect on the quality of your work: Readers might think that the products you made are equally bland and boring. Show off your flair in whatever way you can!

3. Share Lots of Pictures

Have you ever tried describing the wonders of France? Or tried putting into words just how cute your baby is? It doesn’t really paint the real picture, does it? Craft blogs should be loaded with pictures of crafts. Share pictures of what you’re working on, share pictures of finished products, share pictures that inspire you, and share pictures of work that you admire. Your readers will find similar inspiration, and they’ll keep coming back for more. And if they really like what they see, they’ll buy what you’re offering.

4. Share Your Process

Readers love to pick up tips and learn about your crafting process. You don’t have to give away everything! If you have a special technique or trade secret, it is better to keep it to yourself. However, you can share basic tips and tricks that readers will find useful, and it will help build your reader base.

5. Build Community

Keep your readers (and potential customers) coming back by building community. Respond to comments. Elicit reader feedback. Create polls. Make it easy to contact you by posting your e-mail address. This will engage your readers and create a kind of conversation with them.

These are just some of the basics for getting your craft blog started. The most important key is to provide honest content and not to give up. It takes a while to build a reader base and to draw traffic. But if you are persistent and follow these steps, your blog will be buzzing in no time.

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