Ideas for Making Beaded Home Décor

From dangling earrings to elaborate necklaces, one of the most popular products that beaders produce is jewelry. However, take a look around Etsy and you will find a range of beaded items that could become your next business venture. If you are a crafter that works with beads, you may want to consider creating home décor projects that put your talents to good use.

Below are a few ideas for expanding your small business by making beaded home goods to sell on Etsy, online, and at craft shows:

Beaded Lamp Shades and Curtains

From the fringe of a shade to the lamp pull, beads can be used to decorate lighting sources with the help of crystal beads, color-coordinated pieces, and other decorative bead accents. If you know how to sew curtains and valances, try attaching beads to elevate their appearance. For curtains, beads are a great way to catch the light and create charming room settings.

Beaded Pillows

Do you know how easy it is to turn a basic decorative pillow into an eye-catching must-have? When adding beads to a pillow, you’ll only need a few common sewing items, such as a pair of scissors, needle, thread, straight pins, ruler, and glass beads. Try experimenting with different colors, sizes, and shapes, such as tube, round, square, oval, faceted and smooth beads.

Beaded Napkin Rings

When dressing up the table, beaded napkin rings add just the right amount of color and class to place settings. For this type of beading project, you will use memory wire, which will return to the coiled shape of a beaded napkin ring. To create, all you need is round-nose pliers (to make a loop at one end of the wire to prevent the beads from sliding away), wire cutters, medium-sized beads, and 24-inch length of steel memory wire in 2-inch coils.

Beaded Ceiling Fan Chains

People are constantly looking for ways to enhance the look of their rooms. When it comes to ceiling fans, there isn’t that much leeway for improvement. The color, shape and material are pretty much set in stone unless you purchase a different model. However, you can still take matters into your own hands by transforming the ball-chain fan pull into an eye-catching centerpiece with personality. To make a beaded ceiling fan chain, typical tools and equipment include 20-gauge wire, wire cutters, needle-nose pliers, assorted beads, and a ball-chain connector – found at hardware and jewelry stores.

Other beaded home décor ideas include:

  • Customized beaded hardware for dresser drawers and kitchen cabinets
  • Beaded swizzle sticks made with stainless steel wire
  • Silverware accented with beaded designs
  • Beaded features on the stems of glassware
  • Using stainless steel wire and beads for designer bookmarks
  • Beaded bottle toppers
  • Wire craft garden decorations