Etiquette Tips for Craft Shows

Crafters often sell their creations at local shows and fairs. The opportunity provides great exposure for artisans and generally forges connections that can help businesses go. You can learn about craft shows in your area by reading the newspaper, subscribing to trade magazines, and browsing online. Once you get into the swing of attending and participating in craft shows – it’s a good idea to become familiar with common etiquette.

Read the entire application.

Usually, you must submit an application or fill out a form in order to participate in a craft show. Read all of the terms and conditions, as well as become familiar with the code of conduct. You don’t want to break any of the rules on your first appearance.

Dress casual.

Appear neat, casual, and professional when participating in a craft show. Wear some of your own products if you make accessories or clothing. Come dressed in an apron if you are demonstrating a craft. Business T-shirts and sweatshirts also double as effective advertisements.

Prompt set-up time.

Your booth should be completely set up before the show begins.

Mind your manners.

While showing your wares at a craft show, respect your fellow crafters by being friendly, courteous, and professional.

Keep socialization down to a minimum.

Sometimes the excitement of participating in your first craft show is overwhelming and you may appear overly friendly. Remember that this is a time to sell your creations. If you monopolize the time of other vendors – both of you miss out on potential customers. Never block a customer’s path to a seller.

Mind your space.

You paid for a certain area to show off your crafts and that is the space you should stay within during a show. This also means making sure your display, brochures, posters, and crafts do not invade the space of others.

Come prepared.

Some crafters offer demonstrations or on-the-spot creations during a show. It is important to have all of your tools and supplies handy so you don’t need to rely on the generosity of fellow crafters.

Be helpful.

When a fellow crafter needs to dash to the bathroom or take a food break, and they ask you to watch their booth for a few moments – score cool points by lending a helping hand.

Stay positive.

Just like any gathering that involves different groups of people, there is the possibility that you will face competition, off-putting comments, gossip, and jealousy. Stay positive and don’t feed into negativity.