Getting Inspiration from Crafting Magazines

Where do you get your inspiration from when creating crafts and enhancing the products you offer consumers? For some, subscribing to craft-related magazines helps to expand their overall knowledge of their field, learn new techniques, become familiar with the latest tools and materials, and of course – get new ideas. If you’re looking for inspiration for your craft business, perhaps the following publications can rejuvenate your creativity.

For Quilters and Knitters

McCall’s Quilting Magazine is committed to teaching you the latest techniques in your craft with detailed instructions that come in six monthly issues. American Patchwork & Quilting Magazine is the brainchild of the publishers from Better Homes & Gardens, which is delivered six times per year. Quilters are treated to an array of patterns, instruction, and sparks of creativity. Previously called Knitting Digest, pick up a Creative Knitting Magazine to browse quick and easy knitting patterns, which come six times per year. If your craft is crocheting, Crochet! Magazine offers six issues per year, where you can create heartfelt gifts for your consumers.

For Multi-Media Artists

If you work with ceramics, glass, metal, fiber art and jewelry, AmericanStyle Magazine provides award-winning content – six times per year. Some of the topics discussed in the publication include sculpting, woodworking, beaded crafts, and helpful resources.

For Card Makers and Paper Crafts

If you’re looking to expand the types of cards you offer, Card Maker Magazine is a decent resource for becoming familiar with the freshest ideas. Expect six issues per year. For the crafter that goes beyond card making and creates a wide range of paper projects, a subscription to Paper Crafts Magazine is suggested, which comes six times per year.

For Scrapbookers

A subscription to Creating Keepsakes Magazine comes every month, where you’ll be kept abreast on the latest ideas and newest techniques in the scrapbooking world. Providing eight issues per year, Scrapbooks Etc. Magazine offers inspiration and instruction that caters to a variety of skill levels. The magazine is regarded for its photography and step-by-step directions.