How to Gain Traffic to Your Craft Blog

Crafters often establish a blog to spread the word about their latest creations, share techniques and tutorials, as well as communicate with others who have the same passion. Nowadays, your blog is a tiny fish in a gigantic pond of websites that want some of the same things you do – to gain traffic and keep readers interested. So, how do you gain traffic to your craft blog? Consider the following suggestions:

Keep the Content Coming…

A regularly updated craft blog means that you are keeping readers entertained with your knowledge, experiences, and crafts. Keeping to a schedule helps build a relationship with your readers. They know that you have something to say, and they can count on you to keep them routinely informed. The next time a crafter is looking for inspiration, they will more likely visit a reliably active blog.

Attract Attention with Keywords and Tags

Keep the content of your craft blog in the loop by utilizing effective keywords and tags that strengthen your placement in search engines, such as Google and Yahoo. If you’re writing about a beading project for your readers, consider keywords and tags such as: “beading project,” “project for crafters,” “crafting project,” and “bead craft.”

Mingle, Mingle, Mingle

Have you ever left a comment on another blog? You’d be surprised just how many people will curiously make their way to the blogs of their readers – especially when a thoughtful comment or response to their writing or crafts is left behind.

Keep an Eye on Current Traffic

To improve the amount of traffic that comes to your craft blog, it’s important to know what is already working. Your current traffic will give you a glimpse into how people are locating your blog. Use helpful plugins, such as Wassup and Stat Counter, to gain website traffic details. These services record the traffic that comes to your blog – giving you revealing information regarding your blog posts, topics, and links. Hopefully, you’ll be able to answer the following questions:

  • Did entering your site into a crafting directory help?
  • Do you have any keywords that rank high in search engines?
  • Are people finding you because you belong to a specific web forum or discussion group?
  • Are you gaining hits from the comments left behind on other sites?
  • Is Twitter and Facebook connecting you with interested readers?

Get Social

Haven’t explored the possibilities of social media yet? Don’t be afraid of Twitter and Facebook – joining at least one platform can really affect the number of visitors to your blog by increasing your overall exposure. We can help if you’re interested in Using Twitter for Your Etsy Shop or Using Facebook for Your Etsy Shop.