September is National Sewing Month

It was 1982 when President Ronald Reagan set a proclamation in motion that made September the month to celebrate and recognize the importance of home sewing throughout the Nation. What better time to explore a new craft or challenge your talents than by celebrating National Sewing Month? From indulging in free sewing projects on the Sewing & Craft Alliance (SCA) website to joining the American Sewing Guild, there are plenty of ways to sharpen your skills or discover a newfound love for sewing.

Ideas for Celebrating National Sewing Month

Pay a visit to your local craft store. To celebrate National Sewing Month, craft stores often hold special discounts, events, and classes. Encourage your tween to take a sewing class with you. Learn new techniques at a free demonstration or tutorial. For example, Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores has many fun activities and offers planned for the month of September, such as free class supplies for anyone that signs up for Sewing 101 at participating stores.

Gift crafts to family and friends. Alert loved ones that a month-long celebration regarding your craft is in full swing by making gifts. Create a pair of booties or a blanket for your expecting relative. Handmade dresses and skirts are perfect for best friends. Get ready for the wintertime with customized scarves. Perhaps a fashionable purse or handbag will put a smile on someone’s face.

Enter a sewing contest. To commemorate National Sewing Month, a handful of online and offline contests are held. Submit one of your creations for a chance to win prizes and recognition.

Spring for a new sewing machine. Advancements in technology have incorporated computerization into the latest sewing machines. If it’s time for an upgrade, why don’t you treat yourself to a new machine to celebrate National Sewing Month? You may consider a heavy-duty model, such as the Brother SE400 Computerized Embroidery and Sewing Machine, which comes with 70 built-in embroidery designs, 5 monogramming fonts, 67 built-in sewing stitches, and 120 frame pattern combinations.

Explore social media opportunities. Connecting with others is a good way to enhance your love and talent for sewing. Social media provides an ideal outlet for keeping in touch with other crafters. Consider ‘liking’ the National Sewing Month Facebook page. Locate other like-minded sewing enthusiasts on Twitter to share ideas, browse creative projects, and learn new techniques.

2 thoughts on “September is National Sewing Month”

  1. I LOVE my embroidery machine! This is my first ever… so while I don’t have anything to compare it to. I can say it is EASY to use & I LOVE being able to download designs off ETSY from my computer!! I do think I will invest in a bigger hoop though… I wasn’t sure I would need it, but I will =) It was a great price & got great reviews… I would consider this a bargin! I sell embroidery items on Etsy…. am very happy with this!! Wish I bought it a long time ago!

  2. I bought the SE400 about 2 months ago from Amazon… I knew nothing about embroidery machines before my purches, so I was going by the good reviews & the price. I haven’t been disappointed. I’ve done quite a few projects with this machine, and it has done exactly what I had purchased it for. I’ve done lots of personalizing things with names- pillowcases, flour sack towels, quilt labels.
    1. Price. This is the lowest priced embroidery machine that I’ve found, with the features that I wanted.
    2. USB port. You can easily embroider designs (quite a few of them are free) from the internet. Easy to connect to your laptop & downlaod a design.
    3. Fonts. There are 5 nice pre-installed fonts that come with the machine. They all work well, and are easy to use.
    4. Ease of use. I had the machine out of the box, and was embroidering on a scrap piece of fabric within an hour after I opened the box. The touch screen makes it a snap to navigate the menu & find what you want.
    5. Needle threader. I LOVE this feature. It works like a snap. You just thread the machine, and then push down on a little tab on the size, and viola! the needle is threaded. Easy as pie & has worked every time.
    6. Thread cutter. This is also a great feature- it just cuts your thread for you when your design is finished. You can also set it to cut the thread between each letter, if your’e doing fonts.

    1. The designs that come pre-installed on the machine are not that great. But, never fear, the internet is filled with thousands and thousands of designs, and quite a few of them are free. Most pattern sites offer some free designs, and you can really start quite a collection just getting started with free designs. Out of the 70 designs pre-installed, maybe 10 of them are pretty good. The others are a little out-dated & old fashioned.
    2. Internal memory. You can only save 10 patterns on the memory of the embroidery machine. So, I just save all my designs on my laptop, and then use the USB cable to connect to the machine. Only takes a few seconds to download the pattern I want to use & I’m on my way. I wish they’d let you delete some of the not-so-great pre-installed designs & make room to save ones that you really want. But, if you have a laptop, or a PC close by, it’s not a big deal to just connect to your computer, and get sewing.
    3. hoop size. You are limited to the 4×4 hoop size.

    All in all, this is a great machine for the price. You can rotate designs, and resize them by a limited amount. It’s easy to get started, and easy to thread. The touch screen is a nice feature, as is the needle threader (I wish my other sewing machine had this feature!). If you’re looking for an inexpensive machine to get into embroidery with, this is your machine.

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