5 Steps To Make Exquisite-Looking Jewelry Using Ordinary Beads


Precious MomentsĀ® Figurines, Collectibles, and Gifts for all Occasions! Get FREE shipping on orders $50+ with code: FREESHIP10Creating your own jewelry can be both a difficult and rewarding task. With so many options on today’s market, it is important to discover what works best for you in creating original pieces of jewelry. Making something appealing is one of the most obvious goals for your home-made jewelry, and choosing the right material is crucial in reaching that goal. To make exquisite-looking jewelry, consider trying out beads and beaded jewelry. In as little as five steps, you can turn ordinary beads into stunning home-made jewelry creations.

Choose your material. Glass beads and polished stones can be purchased at any craft store are a simple way to get started. The expense of polished, pre-holed glass and stone beads is higher than other craft materials, but the aesthetics are hard to beat. If, however, you are looking for a cost-effective way to create beaded jewelry, consider clay you mold yourself, or even potato based products. After you choose your beads take time in picking out the material with which to string them. Brass and copper wire can be found for relatively cheap, but silver is always a classy look.

Sketch out a design. Once you have your materials it is important to know where you will go from there. As any junior or master jewelry maker will tell you, sketching out a detailed, step-by-step design is vital in producing an attractive and functional product. Be sure to label which beads are slipped on first, how far you wish the beads to be placed, and what color combinations you think work best. Draw out the steps of the design, and the final product as well.

Gather your tools. People who make jewelry will tell you that, without the proper tools on hand, a simple job can become quite difficult. Find a pair of wire snips, some tweezers, and needle nosed pliers for starters. If any other tool you find handy, keep it with you in a tool box. Making sure all of your equipment is in one place will cut down on both time and frustration.

String your beads. To make exquisite-looking jewelry, color coordinate and choose very subtle accents for your creation. Too much clutter can me too much color, so try and pair down your design. Once you start stringing and pushing the beads into place, look back at your design to see if you are achieving your original goal. If you are not, slow down or start over. It is much harder to redo things once more steps have been completed. Be safe, do the job right the first time.

Practice, practice, practice. Exquisite-looking jewelry is not often going to be made upon the first try. Becoming a master craftsman takes time and effort. After your first piece is complete, begin sketching the next piece. Be creative in your designs. One of the largest advantages of making your own jewelry is the fact that no one will have the same piece as you. Always be sure to lack back on your previous pieces to see where you need to improve, and where you already have. So get out your tools, string some beads, and make something beautiful.

About our Guest Contributor: Sarah is the relationship manager of Nanostyle. NanoStyle is the first and only to imprint 24kt gold on Cubic Zirconia jewelry. The company is famous for creating elegant love pendants and Christian pendants.