When Etsy Hands You Lemons…

With a bright yellow color and uplifting scent, lemons are a popular choice for flavors, fragrances and decoration in many craft-, handmade- and homemade creations. From organic bath and beauty to colorful frocks, Etsy offers an array of fruity crafts and handmade goods. To get an idea of the lemony products found on Etsy, consider the following:

Lemon Jewelry

If yellow is your favorite color, perhaps you’d enjoy a pair of lemony earrings. Perhaps you’d enjoy a slice of the citrus fruit (like the hand sculpted Juicy Lemon Earrings offered by KawaiiCulture) or the color of a gemstone (like the pear-shaped Lemon Quartz Necklace from Desert Rain Jewelry).

Lemon Meringue Apron

With a sweetheart neckline, Bambino Amore offers their Lemon Meringue apron print with a three piece bodice and full circle skirt. Take advantage of the attractive Alexander Henry Juicy print with corresponding Yellow Stripes. The full-length apron fits up to a size 14 and comes with two ties at the neck and waist.

Lift Me Up Lemon Powder Deodorant

Say goodbye to harmful chemicals when using Moody Sister’s organic, vegan, paraben-free deodorant. Key ingredients of the deodorant include arrowroot powder (absorbs moisture and soothes), witch hazel (fights odor causing bacteria), and lemon peel powder (antibacterial and kills bacteria). The deodorant comes in the form of a 4-ounce jar with powder puff applicator. Offering the uplifting scent of lemons, the powder deodorant is made fresh and shipped within a week.

Other lemon-scented beauty and skincare products found across Etsy:

Lemon Edibles

From homemade cookies to dainty lemon drops, Etsy provides an endless selection of tasty treats to sample. You never know what you will find. The Chamomile and Lemon Mini-Lollipops offered by Sweet Lollipop Shop contains 100% natural ingredients and are made to deliver a small burst of energy. Purchase a batch of Lemon Curd Sandwich Cookies or make your own desserts with a mix, such as the gluten-free Lemon Poppy Seed Cake Mix.

Lemon Vintage Kitchen Art

Add the bright color of the lemon to your kitchen or dining area with the unique look of a vintage-style print. Measuring 8×10 inches, the image of a lemon slice with its name looks even better when arranged with the orange and lime kitchen art also available from the same graphic designer – Color Bee.  Keep in mind that the frames are not included.