Working with Sea Glass

With alluring shades of green and blue, sea glass creations makes an attractive addition to crafters that sell jewelry on Etsy. Sea glass is formed when it comes in contact with waves, water, and sand, which smooth out the shards (and often creates a frosted appearance). This type of glass is found on beaches, along oceans, in rivers, and collecting at the bottom of large lakes. Many crafters collect the glass to incorporate into their projects, especially when making jewelry.

Sea Glass Colors

When working with sea glass, you are limited by the colors you can use, which are determined by the original source of the glass. The majority of sea glass comes from bottles with the most common shades being Kelly green, brown, blue, and purple (clear). Sometimes, sea glass comes from broken jars, plates, windows, ceramics, and even car windshields. However, the older the pieces of glass, the more interesting and rarer the colors are. For example, old medicine and spirit bottles offer shades of jade and amber. Lime green originates from soda bottles made during the 1960s. As a crafter, working with sea glass can become a fun and rewarding adventure.

Cleaning Your Sea Glass

Before working with sea glass, you need to remove the sometimes unpleasant scent of the sea and any dirt and grime from the outdoors. To get rid of the smell, fill a large bucket with warm, soapy water. Gently submerge the found sea glass into the bucket, taking care not to break any pieces. Allow the sea glass to soak for a bit. The soap and water will help release the scent of the ocean and loosen any sand stuck to the glass. Thoroughly rinse each piece. Small shards can by placed in an old colander to speed up the process.

Arrange your collection in a safe place (away from children and pets). Spread each piece out and let the air dry them off.

A soft bristled brush will gently remove any dirt and grime left behind without damaging the surface of the glass. Scrub along each piece. Rinse the glass once more to remove any dirt that you have loosened. Before storing your glass, use a soft cloth or towel to wipe dry each piece.

Maintain Your Sea Glass

Before using your sea glass to make products for your small business or Etsy shop, don’t forget to dust off any unused glass. You will also need to clean sea glass trinkets on occasion with jewelry cleaner when you have used metal materials.

Ideas for Sea Glass Creations

  • Sea glass picture frame
  • Sea glass earrings
  • Sea glass necklaces and pendants
  • Sea glass-decorated candle holders