Etsy Spotlight: Sahetah’s Jewelry

Today’s interview is with Melissa Arnold; she is the creative artisan behind Sahetah’s Jewelry.

1. Why and when did you start your Jewelry Store?
I have been taking care of my grandfather full time as a live-in caregiver for the past three years since I was 21. Because of his need to have someone nearby on a daily basis, I knew I had to find a way to plan for a future that enabled me to still take care of him long term. Hopefully long term would mean another happy ten years.

Growing up, I was always an avid art student – I loved drawing, and creating. My brain was in the zone of creating, whether I was exploring sculptures, pottery, painting, writing stories, poetry and even floral arranging – I had to express my creativity. A year ago, it hit me that I could be putting my artistic nature to use and possibly make it a career and still stay at my grandfather’s side.

One avenue I never explored was designing Jewelry, and I was always fascinated by the idea. With three weeks to think over this new and exciting idea during my first vacation to Nova Scotia, I came back home to Ontario ready to get started – and Sahetah’s Jewelry was born.

2. What is your favorite type of product to make?
I love making all of my products, but I find the OOAK Feminine Steampunk necklaces are my favorite to make. I love working with pocket watches, but instead of simply hanging them on a chain, I wanted to create something that was geared towards women, regardless if she was a ‘Steampunk Junky’ or a sophisticated lady with class. I wanted to make a necklace from the Steampunk genre that I love, and turn it into more classical and ornate OOAK pieces. Each necklace is a journey to create, and I never know what the design will look like until the end. Some artists draw out ideas before beginning their design. I however skip the drawing board and dive into it headlong, and so it’s like an adventure to create each piece.

3. What inspires you?
My great grandmother was one of the sweetest ladies I’ve ever known. Both her cottage and her home was always a wonder to behold with many antique and well kept ornate paintings and ornaments. Stepping into their home was like stepping into a time capsule- a home fit for a princess. So it wasn’t surprising to find that I was in love with vintage style jewelry and pieces that reflect our history as it reminds me of two wonderful people in my life. If only H.J Wells’ Time Machine was real, I would go back in time to show both my great grandparents how I’ve grown up and how they’ve inspired me.

4. How would you describe your products in three words?
If I were to describe my Jewelry in three words, I think it would be “sophisticated, classy and elegant”

5. When it comes to your business, what has been your biggest accomplishment?
I think my biggest accomplishment was being accepted into The Artisan Group. I felt so honored and shocked to be among such great and wonderful people. I’ve never been part of something so big and so wonderful. It was a mere chance that I came across this amazing group, and without them I don’t think I would be where I am now. I look up to each member as role models, and it is these wonderful people that help me wake up each morning with the drive to get working and tell myself “I can do this!”.

6. What’s next? Any plans?
My imagination is always taking me places. I never like designing the same piece twice, so I’m always thinking about “what can I do next?”. I would love to explore Art Nouveau designs, incorporate feathers into my pieces and eventually a bit of Gothic fashion. I love to work with my hands, and I love exploring new ideas, so I never really know what I will be doing a few months from now.

7. Where can we find you?
I am honored to say that my Feminine Steampunk designs and my hand dyed Lucite earrings can be found at Made You Look in Toronto. If you can’t visit their store you can always find me and my work online at or you can Like me on facebook at Sahetah’s Jewelry and keep updated on events, sales and new products.

All pictures are courtesy of Melissa Arnold.

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