Soap Crafters – Offline Places to Sell Your Soaps

You’ve prepared the molds, perfected the scents, printed out the labels, and created catchy names…now all you have to do is find buyers for the handcrafted soaps you’ve spent so much time working on. Many crafters set up websites and open up online shops with Etsy and Artfire. However, to maximize profits, you should consider selling your soaps both online and offline. Below you will find a few suggestions for places to sell your soaps about town.

Bath and Body Boutiques

The small stores that sell bath, body and beauty products could be a nice fit for your handcrafted soaps. Browse the local options and strike up a conversation with an owner who seems open to supporting small businesses. Be on the lookout for displays that highlight handmade products not affiliated with their shop. They usually advertise the business by showcasing the business name, location, brochures and business cards. A small table may feature an assortment of products. Intimate displays may decorate the cashiers’ counter.

Bed and Breakfasts

Handcrafted bath supplies add to the coziness and personality of a bed and breakfast, who may crave miniature sizes of scented soaps. Research potential buyers and offer customized scents, designs, colors, and shapes to accommodate the theme of their establishment. Browse your telephone book or conduct an Internet search to locate the B&B’s in your neck of the woods. The local tourism office is another good place to get a list of establishments in your region.

Clothing Boutiques

Clothing boutiques owned by a local are potential buyers of handcrafted soaps because they often enjoy selling quirky creations to satisfy their clientele. Elaborate packaging and labels will entice boutiques that carry expensive upscale clothing. Eco-friendly and organic ingredients are appealing to boutiques that cater to clients looking for all-natural clothing and products.

Independent Gift Basket Companies

Bath and beauty products are popular fillers for gift baskets, especially for Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, and Christmas. Gift basket companies often purchase handcrafted soaps to add to their arrangements centered on pampering the recipient. Produce a collection of themed soaps to impress potential buyers.

Independently Owned Pharmacies

The Mom-and-Pop pharmacy usually found in smaller towns often purchase goods from locals to sell. Do not approach the nationwide chains, as they tend to fill their shelves with their own brand of products.

Other places to consider selling your soaps include:

  • Gift shops
  • Health Food Shops
  • Spas

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