Koa Wood Furniture and Crafts Add a Hawaiian Feeling

To create an island getaway in your own home, koa wood furniture and accessories can infuse a Hawaiian feeling to your home decor. You can even add a touch of Hawaii to your wardrobe with koa wood fashion accessories. In addition to furniture, fashion and small home accessories make beautiful and unique gifts for everyone.

What is Koa Wood Furniture?

Koa wood comes from the rare koa hardwood tree, which is only found in the higher-elevation areas of Maui and the Big Island of Hawaii. Koa is available in a wide of array of natural shades from light to dark brown, as well as brighter tones like reds, oranges, and yellows.

Since koa trees are a limited resource found only in Hawaii, lumber companies will often only collect dead wood or trees that have been taken down by the wind. Some lumber production companies have also created reforestation projects to help continue the growth of these hardwood trees.

There is a variety of furniture that can be made from koa wood, including dining rooms sets, dressers, chairs, and chaises. In addition to large furniture, koa can also be used to make small accent tables and home accessories like picture frames, vases, and sushi sets.

How is Koa Furniture Created?

Handmade koa furniture is crafted by professionals who work with the texture and natural curve of the wood. For example, wood with a large, curly grain looks wonderful as a dining table top, while smaller grains look elegant in accent furniture like side tables and mirror frames.

This furniture is also inspired by the design aesthetic of the Hawaiian Islands. Large furniture is often left simplistic in design to best display the beautiful wood grain of each piece. Any ornamentation on large furniture is also minimalistic, such as carved edges along cabinet doors or around the frame of the piece.

Home accents are simply designed to showcase the grain of the wood. Vases, bowls, and cutting boards are specially sanded and buffed to highlight the shine of the wood. Oil is almost never used to achieve this shiny appearance.

Koa Fashion Accessories

Koa wood is also a popular material for fashion accessories. Sunglasses are now accented with koa wood at the arms. The wood fits comfortably along the side of the head while displaying the koa’s grain for an unexpected twist on traditional sunglasses. Koa wood sunglasses have a retro look that is inspired by Hawaiian surfers.

Koa watches are another popular way to wear this fashion trend. The watches feature wood faces and bands. The bands are offered in both solid colored wood, as well as bands with varying shades of the wood. These varied shades of wood are either made into a pattern or placed at random throughout the watchband.

Koa wood furniture is the perfect way to add Hawaiian inspiration to your home. In addition to large pieces, it’s possible to upgrade your existing decor with vases, bowls, and picture frames made from koa. Koa wood accessories make great hostess gifts. Also, to add retro accents to your wardrobe, wood fashion accessories like koa watches and sunglasses are perfect to give or to wear.

About our Guest Contributor

Maria Mathers writes about sustainable fashion & style. She loves koa wood gifts and thinks wood watches are hot this year.

Photos courtesy of Maria Mathers.