In the Spotlight: Sock Monkey Emporium

Today’s guest is Emma Maudsley, the talented artisan behind Sock Monkey Emporium. Here is our interview. Enjoy!

1. How did you come up with the idea for your business?
I was making jewellery but found that I wasn’t really selling much. I needed an idea to make some money to buy a car after passing my test. I’d seen some other sock monkey makers on facebook and thought I would have a go, with the intention of only doing it to raise funds for a cheap car. Turns out demand was so high that I kept going!

2. What inspires you?
My children – they are always coming up with new ideas of things to make and are my sternest critics! I have a list of animals in my head that are fighting to get out but they will have to wait until the order list calms down a bit.

3. What is your favorite product to make?
My favourite item at the moment is my New Baby or Christening Sock Cat. I personalise them with baby’s name and in the case of a new baby cat I include date of birth, weight and time. For a Christening I include name, date and the church. I love to create something that is a unique gift and that hopefully will be kept as a memento of such a special event.

4. Tell us more about the artist behind Sock Monkey Emporium…
I’m 31, single mum to Alice who is 6 and Charlotte who is 3. I’ve always been creative and my true love is cross stitch. I stitch fantasy designs such as fairies and mermaids. My past employment is based in pub management but I am now fully self employed with the monkeys.

5. Any advice for other crafters?
My advice to other crafters would be to believe in yourself and your product. You can’t expect other people to part with their money if you don’t believe in the quality and uniqueness of what you are creating.

6. Any plans for the future?
My plans for the future are to research more outlets in which to stock my products, to get some more of the creations out of my head and into my etsy shop and to build my website.

7. Where can we find you?
My facebook page is my main selling point –
Follow the monkeys on Twitter –
Browse my Etsy store –
Email me at:

You can also find the monkeys in person at Threadbear in Barnard Castle, The Novel Cafe in Lancaster and the Crown Studio Gallery in Rothbury – all in the UK

All photos courtesy of Sock Monkey Emporium.

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