How to Make a Fancy Gift Package Bow

Crafters on Etsy often add their own personal touches to their creations that set them aside from the rest of the sellers. The packaging of their product is no different. From customized boxes to a signature stamp, there are plenty of ways to make your Etsy shop stand out. Just like people adore a Tiffany’s box for jewelry, you too can add your own flair with a fancy gift package bow.

Ribbon Decisions

When making fancy bows for the packaging of your Etsy goods, think about the kind of ribbon you want to use. The color, style and design of ribbon you select are different ways to enhance the presentation of your product. Do you always want to use the same color – perhaps the same shade as your shop colors? Does texture matter – think velvet, satin, or multi-textured? Will you always have access to purchase your ribbon of choice?

Material List

All you need to make fancy gift package bows is:

  • 1 ½ yards of wire edge ribbon (2 ½ inches wide)
  • Floral wire

How to Make

  1. First, start off by cutting one piece of the wire-edge ribbon into four different lengths – 18 inches, 16 inches, 12 inches, and 7 inches.
  2. Take the 12-inch ribbon piece and make a fork cut at both ends. To make a fork cut, all you have to do is fold the ribbon in half lengthwise, and then diagonally cut the end of the ribbon from the corner points to the folded edge.
  3. Make a single large loop out of the 18-inche piece of ribbon – overlapping the ends about 1 ½ inches.
  4. Center the seam of the looped ribbon on top of the 12-inche piece of ribbon.
  5. Create a single large loop out of the 16-inch piece of ribbon – overlapping the ends about 1 ½ inches. Center the seam of this looped ribbon on top of the 18-inch looped ribbon.
  6. Make a small loop out of the 7-inch piece of ribbon, and overlap the ends in the same manner – placing the ribbon in the center of the 16-inch piece of looped ribbon.
  7. Grab your floral wire and insert a piece of it through the center loop – making sure to bring both ends of the wire to the back of the bow. Tightly twist the wire to secure the bow.