Using Pinterest for Crafting

The purpose of Pinterest is to offer a social website that allows users to create, manage and share collections of images based on various themes. Users come in contact with other members from around the world – connecting with those that share the same interests, styles and hobbies. After becoming a member of Pinterest, you can start creating boards and mingling with others. And don’t forget to follow Craftsyble on Pinterest!

Basic Components of Pinterest

A ‘board’ is a set of ‘pins’ centered on any given topic. When creating a theme-related image board, the pictures will fall into subcategories. For crafters, you will most likely organize your information under architecture, art, design, DIY & crafts, education, home décor, photography, and print & posters. Pinterest gives you suggestions for the themes of your boards, such as “Books Worth Reading,” but you can tweak and create your own. An example of a board is seen in the image, which shows ideas for future crafts the user wishes to try out.

A ‘pin’ is an image added to Pinterest – represented by the small thumbnails on the board. One of the ways to add an image to a board is with the “Pin It “button. This feature fits nicely on your Internet toolbar, allowing you to create your visual boards with media you’ve come across while surfing online.

Users can ‘like’ a pin on anyone else’s board, and also ‘re-pin’ an interest of another user, which will appear on their boards for their followers to see. Members can additionally leave comments on ‘pins’. Users have the opportunity to follow other Pinterest users – which helps you keep up with the latest trends and inspiration.

Pinterest for Crafters

Pinterest provides a wealth of inspiration for a crafter. You can use the platform to:

  • Save the links to visual pockets of inspiration
  • Keep track of interesting tutorials
  • Connect with like-minded crafters
  • Save information that will make your business better
  • Highlight resources for materials, tools and other supplies for your business