Applications for Etsy Artisans

In this day and age, social media and portable technology is becoming an increasingly influential component of selling crafts both offline and online. As for Etsy artisans, there are many creative applications (or apps) to consider when you are a seller. You can use the tools to help track the progress of your small business, save time relisting items, advertise your shop, and conduct your business no matter where you are. A few applications to consider include:

The Etsy App

With the touch of a finger, users can connect to Etsy using an app for their iPhone or iPod. Sellers can access their listings and see their latest orders. Merchant tools are also available to manage your business while you are on the go. For buyers, they can search for handmade and vintage goods, as well as browse Treasury Lists. If something catches their eye, they can make a purchase from their mobile device. The app provides access to carts, favorites, purchase history and shops, which increases the opportunities that people can connect to your Etsy shop. This app is free and available at the App Store.


There is no need to log into to quickly re-list sold items when AutoRelister lets you do so from your Android phone. Sellers can view sold creations and manually relist. You can also schedule items to renew at a specific date and time. A convenient feature of the app is the ability to set your budget to keep track of how much you spend on renewals. The app is currently priced at $10.

Etsy Shop Tracker

If you’re the type of person who likes to assess the popularity of certain listings, the Etsy Shop Tracker can help. The tool tracks information regarding all the items on your Etsy shop. You can keep up with the number of views, admirers, and treasury lists associated with each item. The data is updated on a daily basis, and it is free to use.

The Pocket Shop

The animated, interactive version of your Etsy shop offers a fun, portable way to advertise your products on a blog and/or website. With a variety of themes to consider, this enticing approach gives you an edge against the competition by spreading the word and sharing your creations in an inviting manner. Once you choose your desired option for your widget – all you have to do is grab the code.

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  1. I love my etsy app … there are so many of them out there, but I like my basic Etsy app that lets me know when a purchase has been made, etc.
    xo Tara

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