The 2012 GBK Golden Globes Artisan Series: SariBlue

Here is another extremely talented artisan who will be gifting the celebrities at the 2012 GBK Golden Globes Gift Lounge. Here is more info on her company and products:


Beautiful, simply designed jewelry to add peace, positivity and a bit of fun to your style! There’s nothing evil about it….

SariBlue collection of jewelry is designed with gorgeous handcrafted glass beads from Turkey. Their beads come directly from artisans in Turkey who have learned the craft of making these historic glass beads through the generations.  SariBlue travels to Turkey to work with the craftsmen directly for their collection. The beads are then tied together in a unique and modern way for my original designs.

Their pieces are fun, colorful, very distinctive, adding a great conversation piece to any wardrobe; they also add an ancient element of protection to your life by wearing the Nazar Boncuk (Evil Eye Bead).

Every piece of SariBlue jewelry has at least one Evil Eye bead to help protect the wearer from the potential negative forces out in the world. It is believed that the wearer of Evil Eye beads will not only be protected from negative forces but also find good fortune so as we like to say… There’s nothing evil about it…

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