Artisans Represented at the 2012 GBK Oscars Gift Lounge – The Scarlet Robin

The Scarlet Robin

Jenifer Gallagher and Jillian Anderson have built The Scarlet Robin focusing on the use of design to create jewelry that delivers a means of significant, personal self-expression. Collaboration is a cornerstone of this bi-coastal team and they feel privileged to be realizing a long-held dream to develop and grow a creative business.

Scarlet Robin jewelry is highly unique and luxurious. Weighty silver and substantial copper or bronze components set a Scarlet Robin piece apart from the competition. Each part of our designs features a special, trademark finish that conveys the distinctive softness and warmth of precious metal. As each piece comes from the hands of master artisans, there is richness and integrity that only handcrafting can create.

The Gold Stiletto Cutout will be included in this year’s Academy Award Celebrity Gift Bags. The design for this piece originated from a drawing of a tasty Jimmy Choo pump. It is then cut by hand with a jeweler’s saw, paired with a fuchsia Swarovski crystal charm and hangs from a black silicone cord. Jenifer and Jillian look forward to seeing this golden lovely hanging around the neck of a starlet!

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The Scarlet Robin