In the Spotlight: The Silver Buddha

Today I am pleased to feature one of our supporters, Jasmine McCartney. She has always been a creative person so two years ago she decided to open an online jewelry shop. Her shop specializes in hand stamped personalized necklaces that represent the person wearing it. It can be customized with the persons name or initials or important dates. Many items in her store have an eastern spiritual flair with om designs and trinity circles and such. Her items are unique and interesting.

We caught up with Jasmine and asked her a few questions:

What inspires you?
I am inspired by Eastern Spiritual symbols and meanings. Symbols and words that represent harmony, peace, love and happiness. I then apply these in my jewelry to create beautiful pieces.

Could you please share with us your top 4 favorite products?
My top favorite four items are:
1. Copper disc with OM sign and black freshwater pearl.
2. Red wire wrapped briolette with silver initial disc and pearl.
3. Copper disc with the woed peace handstamped on it along with a stamped OM sign alongside is an old Tibet bead.
4. The Chakra necklace.

When it comes to your business, what has been your biggest achievement so far?
My biggest achievement this far is joining a wonderful group called TAG it stands for The Artisan Group. We create specialty gift bags to top celebrities at red carpet events such as The Oscars and Golden Globe Awards. Currently I am involved in gifting thirty earth friendly necklaces to a celebrity Earth Day event as well as a special gifting to Tom Cruise. It is very exciting and rewarding to be part of this very creative group.

Where can we find you or your products?
My products can be found at as well as . I am currently working on my new website on Goodsie, it will be, watch for it soon!

*** If you are a successful artisan with an online store and fabulous products and would like to be “In the Spotlight”, feel free to submit your info. ***