In the Spotlight: Jen’s Backyard Creations of All Sorts

Jennifer Cook, a mother and wife, got the idea to start selling handmade goods from spending time in her backyard. About a year ago, her family decided to join the sustainable movement. She says, “We first started growing an organic vegetable garden, then composting and now we are raising chickens….it’s addictive.” Their family rides bikes as much as they can and her husband’s Volvo even runs on vegetable oil.

“I’ve always enjoyed creating art and selling it on just made sense, plus buying and selling handmade products is so much better for the environment,” said Cook. Many of her pieces reflect what you would see in her backyard, which includes a collection of Buddha’s, succulents, fruit trees, an organic vegetable garden and a chicken coop with a living rooftop! She says, “Thanks to my husband’s green thumb, mother nature and my love for creativity…collectively ideas start to flow.”

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Jennifer Cook