Recycle Your Envelopes to Make Gift Bags

As a crafter trying to make money from your talent, recycling materials you already have into decorative packaging can help cut the cost of running a small crafting business. Not only will you save money, but you are also doing your part to embrace eco-friendly business practices. Instead of tossing used or damaged envelopes out in the trash, consider transforming the paper into gift bags to package your crafts.

Turning Envelopes into Gift Bags

1. First, start with an envelope of any size. If you would like to add embellishments to the paper, it is easier to do beforehand. Some people will enjoy printing a label, logo or message directly onto the front of the envelope. Use a premade style or create one to fit your needs. After completing the printing of a design on the envelope, seal the fold closed.

2. Next, cut off one end of the envelope, and then fold one side towards the center – about one inch or slightly less. Repeat this step on the other side, and then fold the bottom up by the same amount. You will be making creases in the paper.

3. Place the bag over one of your hands, and use the other hand to shape a flat bottom for the bag. Push the bottom center crease downward, which will cause the side folds to buckle out. Crease the corners of the bottom to form triangles.

4. A small amount of double-sided tape will help attach the corner triangle flaps to the bottom of the bag.

5. Next, reverse the folds along the sides of the bag – this will give it a bit of shape.

If you prefer, punch holes and thread ribbon through to create a handle.

These small bags can be used to package or display your smaller crafts. You may also want to dress the inside with colorful tissue paper. If you attend trade shows and craft fairs, the prepackaged bags can come in handy to attract shoppers to your booth or table.