Eco-Friendly Christmas Crafts – Sustainable Projects for the Holidays

Our planet suffers the most during the holiday season, because more waste is produced and disposed of at this period than any other time of the year. Eco lifestyle blog Use Less Stuff published statistics about holiday waste—it was found that the extra waste generated over the holidays amount to 25 million tons of garbage. Also, every year there are 2.65 billion Christmas cards sold in the US, enough to fill a football field ten stories high. It was also discovered that reusing two feet of holiday ribbon when wrapping gifts significantly reduces 38,000 miles of ribbon.

This holiday season the best gift we can give to our environment is to come up with solutions and initiatives to reduce if not completely eradicate trash. We must follow green initiatives set by different organizations, such as British retailer Marks & Spencer‘s Christmas card recycling program. Under this movement, Woodland Trust will be able to plant over 60,000 trees if people in the UK recycle one Christmas card at M&S. We can come up with eco-friendly craft projects so in our own little way, we can contribute to the improvement of our planet’s status.

denim Christmas stocking
photo courtesy of ChaosToArt

Here are some ideas for eco-friendly Christmas crafts:

  • use old puzzle pieces to create Christmas tree ornaments or even a tree skirt
  • what else can you use to make Christmas tree ornaments? Soda can cut-outs, old gift tags, soda can tops, wine corks, cookie cutters, bottle caps, painted plastic spoons, decorated jar lids and even cds or old motherboards.
  • make a wreath out of buttons
  • denim Christmas stocking