Artisans Represented at the 2012 GBK Oscars Gift Lounge – Autumn Bradley Inc

Our series on the Artisans represented at the 2012 GBK Oscars Gift Lounge continues!

Autumn Bradley Inc

Autumn Bradley Inc is boho rock and modern rustic jewelry for men and women.  Known for her Trash Metal style Autumn takes a more glamorous turn with her Stargazer Necklace.  This handcrafted sterling silver necklace was designed for the upcoming 2012 Academy Awards.  It will be gifted to members of the press visiting The Artisan Group’s exhibit at the GBK Productions celebrity gift lounge.

Autumn has also had the opportunity to gift celebrities such Jessica Alba and Hilary Duff as well as the celebrities and members of the press at the 63rd Prime Time Emmy Awards.  Next up, Autumn Bradley Inc will be celebrating Earth Day by gifting some of Hollywood’s most high-profile environmentally conscious celebrities and participating in the MTV Movie Awards Gift Lounge!

Contact information:
Autumn Bradley Inc

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  1. I’m a huge fan of Autumn Bradley! I bought her Breast Cancer awareness necklace for a friend with Breast Cancer, and she was blown away, it was so amazing! A real talent!!!

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