Recycle Your Envelopes to Make Gift Bags

As a crafter trying to make money from your talent, recycling materials you already have into decorative packaging can help cut the cost of running a small crafting business. Not only will you save money, but you are also doing your part to embrace eco-friendly business practices. Instead of tossing used or damaged envelopes out … Read moreRecycle Your Envelopes to Make Gift Bags

Selling Wedding Goods on Etsy

If you’re a crafter looking for a niche on Etsy, perhaps you’d like to explore the lucrative world of wedding planning. Every year, an estimated more than 2 million people tie the knot, and there’s a lot that goes into making sure the personal touches of this special day are in place. Artisans that sell … Read moreSelling Wedding Goods on Etsy

A New TLC Show Called ‘Craft Wars’

There’s nothing like a bit of friendly competition to spark your creative heartbeat, and with the new TLC show called ‘Craft Wars,’ you’ll see an assortment of crafters participate in challenges to see who will come out on top. The first episode debuted on June 26 at 9 p.m. Each episode sees three new, regular … Read moreA New TLC Show Called ‘Craft Wars’

Crafting Basics – Cutting Tools

From decorating handmade greeting cards to cutting just the right amount of fabric for your next masterpiece, you’re going to need a pair of scissors or craft knife of some sort to achieve such projects. In crafting, you will encounter a range of sharp edges – some of which make better choices than others. Below … Read moreCrafting Basics – Cutting Tools

How to Celebrate National Hobby Month in January

January is National Hobby Month – the perfect occasion to explore a new talent or enhance your current interests. The month is also an ideal opportunity to share your interests with friends and family. Besides organizing a craft night with your children or hosting a craft party with your pals, consider some of the following … Read moreHow to Celebrate National Hobby Month in January

Material and Tool List for Making Glass Etchings

If you’re looking for a relatively easy craft to add to your repertoire, glass etchings not only look sophisticated and elegant, but are also not as time-consuming or complicated to create as you probably think. Actually, creating designs on glass are just as easy as applying a cream or liquid, and then rinsing away. Before … Read moreMaterial and Tool List for Making Glass Etchings

Applications for Etsy Artisans

In this day and age, social media and portable technology is becoming an increasingly influential component of selling crafts both offline and online. As for Etsy artisans, there are many creative applications (or apps) to consider when you are a seller. You can use the tools to help track the progress of your small business, … Read moreApplications for Etsy Artisans

Using Pinterest for Crafting

The purpose of Pinterest is to offer a social website that allows users to create, manage and share collections of images based on various themes. Users come in contact with other members from around the world – connecting with those that share the same interests, styles and hobbies. After becoming a member of Pinterest, you … Read moreUsing Pinterest for Crafting

Boost Your Small Business for the Holidays

Christmas is an important opportunity for small businesses to entice buyers into purchasing their goods. Many sellers treat this time of the year differently because they know Christmas shoppers are constantly looking for the best deals on unique gifts for loved ones. From advertising methods to the different kinds of items offered at a shop, … Read moreBoost Your Small Business for the Holidays

How to Make a Fancy Gift Package Bow

Crafters on Etsy often add their own personal touches to their creations that set them aside from the rest of the sellers. The packaging of their product is no different. From customized boxes to a signature stamp, there are plenty of ways to make your Etsy shop stand out. Just like people adore a Tiffany’s … Read moreHow to Make a Fancy Gift Package Bow