Eco-Friendly Christmas Crafts – Sustainable Projects for the Holidays

Our planet suffers the most during the holiday season, because more waste is produced and disposed of at this period than any other time of the year. Eco lifestyle blog Use Less Stuff published statistics about holiday waste—it was found that the extra waste generated over the holidays amount to 25 million tons of garbage. … Read moreEco-Friendly Christmas Crafts – Sustainable Projects for the Holidays

A New TLC Show Called ‘Craft Wars’

There’s nothing like a bit of friendly competition to spark your creative heartbeat, and with the new TLC show called ‘Craft Wars,’ you’ll see an assortment of crafters participate in challenges to see who will come out on top. The first episode debuted on June 26 at 9 p.m. Each episode sees three new, regular … Read moreA New TLC Show Called ‘Craft Wars’

Material and Tool List for Making Glass Etchings

If you’re looking for a relatively easy craft to add to your repertoire, glass etchings not only look sophisticated and elegant, but are also not as time-consuming or complicated to create as you probably think. Actually, creating designs on glass are just as easy as applying a cream or liquid, and then rinsing away. Before … Read moreMaterial and Tool List for Making Glass Etchings

What is Decoupage?

Artisans on Etsy use many different ways to decorate materials for their unique creations. Decoupage is just one of those techniques that use simple supplies to transform a piece into something spectacular. Objects are enhanced by gluing pieces of decorative paper onto the surface, which is then coated with a protective finish. The technique can … Read moreWhat is Decoupage?

Working with Sea Glass

With alluring shades of green and blue, sea glass creations makes an attractive addition to crafters that sell jewelry on Etsy. Sea glass is formed when it comes in contact with waves, water, and sand, which smooth out the shards (and often creates a frosted appearance). This type of glass is found on beaches, along … Read moreWorking with Sea Glass

5 Steps To Make Exquisite-Looking Jewelry Using Ordinary Beads

GUEST POST Creating your own jewelry can be both a difficult and rewarding task. With so many options on today’s market, it is important to discover what works best for you in creating original pieces of jewelry. Making something appealing is one of the most obvious goals for your home-made jewelry, and choosing the right … Read more5 Steps To Make Exquisite-Looking Jewelry Using Ordinary Beads

September is National Sewing Month

It was 1982 when President Ronald Reagan set a proclamation in motion that made September the month to celebrate and recognize the importance of home sewing throughout the Nation. What better time to explore a new craft or challenge your talents than by celebrating National Sewing Month? From indulging in free sewing projects on the … Read moreSeptember is National Sewing Month

Ideas for Making Beaded Home Décor

From dangling earrings to elaborate necklaces, one of the most popular products that beaders produce is jewelry. However, take a look around Etsy and you will find a range of beaded items that could become your next business venture. If you are a crafter that works with beads, you may want to consider creating home … Read moreIdeas for Making Beaded Home Décor

Choosing the Right Craft Glue/Adhesive

Depending on the types of crafts you create, you’re going to need some sort of adhesive. Craft glue plays a significant role – from attaching the wing of a balsam airplane to fusing doll parts together. However, it’s important to choose the appropriate selection to achieve the best results. You don’t want to sell crafts … Read moreChoosing the Right Craft Glue/Adhesive

Easy Weekend Craft Project for Kids: Make a Pipe Cleaner Person

From Christmas time reindeers to a bouquet of flowers, the pipe cleaner has been a recognizable material in crafting for many years. Who could have known that children would enjoy an item originally meant to clean out smoking pipes so much? Usually made out of polyester or nylon pile, craft pipe cleaners come in a … Read moreEasy Weekend Craft Project for Kids: Make a Pipe Cleaner Person