Ideas for Making Beaded Home Décor

From dangling earrings to elaborate necklaces, one of the most popular products that beaders produce is jewelry. However, take a look around Etsy and you will find a range of beaded items that could become your next business venture. If you are a crafter that works with beads, you may want to consider creating home décor projects that put your talents to good use.

Below are a few ideas for expanding your small business by making beaded home goods to sell on Etsy, online, and at craft shows:

Beaded Lamp Shades and Curtains

From the fringe of a shade to the lamp pull, beads can be used to decorate lighting sources with the help of crystal beads, color-coordinated pieces, and other decorative bead accents. If you know how to sew curtains and valances, try attaching beads to elevate their appearance. For curtains, beads are a great way to catch the light and create charming room settings.

Beaded Pillows

Do you know how easy it is to turn a basic decorative pillow into an eye-catching must-have? When adding beads to a pillow, you’ll only need a few common sewing items, such as a pair of scissors, needle, thread, straight pins, ruler, and glass beads. Try experimenting with different colors, sizes, and shapes, such as tube, round, square, oval, faceted and smooth beads.

Beaded Napkin Rings

When dressing up the table, beaded napkin rings add just the right amount of color and class to place settings. For this type of beading project, you will use memory wire, which will return to the coiled shape of a beaded napkin ring. To create, all you need is round-nose pliers (to make a loop at one end of the wire to prevent the beads from sliding away), wire cutters, medium-sized beads, and 24-inch length of steel memory wire in 2-inch coils.

Beaded Ceiling Fan Chains

People are constantly looking for ways to enhance the look of their rooms. When it comes to ceiling fans, there isn’t that much leeway for improvement. The color, shape and material are pretty much set in stone unless you purchase a different model. However, you can still take matters into your own hands by transforming the ball-chain fan pull into an eye-catching centerpiece with personality. To make a beaded ceiling fan chain, typical tools and equipment include 20-gauge wire, wire cutters, needle-nose pliers, assorted beads, and a ball-chain connector – found at hardware and jewelry stores.

Other beaded home décor ideas include:

  • Customized beaded hardware for dresser drawers and kitchen cabinets
  • Beaded swizzle sticks made with stainless steel wire
  • Silverware accented with beaded designs
  • Beaded features on the stems of glassware
  • Using stainless steel wire and beads for designer bookmarks
  • Beaded bottle toppers
  • Wire craft garden decorations





Etsy Spotlight: Funky Jewellery UK

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Etsy is filled with many crafters that follow an eco-friendly initiative, and with Funky Jewellery UK – you get planet-friendly creations with loads of color. Using everyday household objects and recycled products, Natalie Mitchell of the United Kingdom, creates eye-catching and multihued jewelry that demands an audience.

A Few Standouts

To see the kinds of items you can purchase at Funky Jewellery UK, consider the following creations:

Funky Rainbow Zip Necklace : A top-seller for Funky Jewellery UK is this explosion of color made from recycled zip heads that have been individually painted by hand. The necklace allows you to make a flashy statement. Choose a multi-colored creation or request a specific color scheme.  A pair of Zip Earrings will look smashing with the necklace.

Funky Rainbow Pencil Bracelet : Wear your rainbow around your neck or wrist with a bracelet or necklace made out of colored pencils. These lightweight pieces are multi-colored. You can also request other color schemes. Made from 100% recycled colored pencils, the necklace is one size fit all with the help of a silver plated chain extender.

Red and Black Pasta Bow Tie Necklace : Who would have thought that bow tie pasta could become part of an eye-catching, fun necklace? Offered in other color schemes, this piece is comprised of red and black bow ties.

Glitzy Glam Pasta Shell Necklace : To make a sparkling statement, this necklace is made out of hand-painted pasta shells with a touch of silver glitter. For something less glitzy, the necklace also comes in colors of your own choosing.

A Few Questions with Natalie Mitchell

1. What is your favorite thing to make?

My favourite thing to make is probably my paper necklaces. There are so many possibilities so I don’t know what it’s going to look like until it’s done. They give me more freedom to play! I begin by making hundreds of little paper coils, and then putting them together like a jigsaw. It’s quite therapeutic!

2. How did you get started in the handmade/craft business?

I was clearing out some clothes to take to a charity shop and I noticed that a lot of my stuff had nice coloured zips on them. I took some off and made a little necklace out of them. I then asked friends and family to save me zips from any old clothes and I began painting them in bright colours. I made a necklace very similar to the one in my shop and I wore it everywhere. Wherever I went people commented and asked where I had got it, so I decided I would make some to sell. I enjoyed it so much I started making more and more pieces.

3. What inspires your work?

I am inspired by the beauty in mundane, every day objects. I love the fact that a piece of junk can be made into a beautiful piece of jewellery. I am always looking for things in junk shops or in my food cupboards to see what lovely shapes are in there! Another of my passions is colour. The brighter the better I say!

4. Anything else you’d like to share?

My favourite quote is “One man’s junk is another man’s treasure”. And it never hurts to be green and eco-friendly either 🙂

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Somewhere Over the Rainbow There’s a Craft at Etsy

photo courtesy of FunkyJewelleryUK

You don’t have to be like Dorothy and bump your head in order to travel over the rainbow to find the magic of color. With Etsy, the bright, bold and beautiful colors of the rainbow are only a mouse-click away. Below you will find a few examples of handmade creations that make good use of a multitude of colors:

Colored Pencil Bracelet

When looking for a unique way to accessorize, Funky Jewellery UK offers an array of colorful options. Fun and funky, choose from a bracelet and necklace made with 100% recycled colored pencils. The necklace comes with a silver plated chain extender for those who’d like to adjust the length. Funky Jewellery UK also offers the Multicolored Zip Necklace made out of a rainbow of zippers.

photo courtesy of HotPinkPrincess

Rainbow and Black Layered Tutu

Tutus are a popular piece of clothing for young girls and extremely adorable on babies. HotPinkPrincess uses a combination of bright rainbow colors with black to create a sassy fashion statement for little girls. This particular piece is available in the following sizes and can also be customized in the colors of your choice:

0-12 months 7 1/2″ long
12-24 months 7 1/2″ long
2T-5T 10″ long

photo courtesy of partypoofers

Rainbow Round Rug

Made from upcycled T-shirts, partypoofers created this rainbow floor decoration out of a tie-dye jersey knit bed sheet and an assortment of like-new colored T-shirts. After washing the tees, a thick yarn was made, which was crocheted into a rug. Measuring about 3 feet in diameter, you can easily add a splash of color to any room or brighten up your pet’s day.

Rainbow Splash Necklace

photo courtesy of slashKnots

With the eye-catching beauty of multi-colored semi precious stones and glass, slashKnots offers crocheted necklaces, such as this rainbow dream. The combination of amazonite, jade, sodalite, freshwater pearls, vintage glass, and new jade create an undeniable conversation piece. An added bonus – the necklace is waterproof – making it a delightful accessory for a day at the beach.



Scrapbookers: Selling Pre-Made Layouts & Images on Etsy

Scrapbooks are a popular method of preserving memories of loved ones, events, and experiences. The time and creativity that goes into making scrapbooks is sometimes too much for some people to handle.

Luckily, Etsy offers a place where scrapbookers can not only show off their talents, but also provide a platform to sell supplies and make money. Below you will learn about some of the ways scrapbookers can make money on Etsy.

1) Pre-Made Scrapbook Layouts

Pre-made layouts allow people to quickly catalogue their memories in an eye-catching and innovative fashion. There are two different ways to approach layouts for scrapbooks: generic or themed. Possible themes include: new baby, wedding, vacation, graduation, and anniversaries. Your layouts should include appealing embellishments (such as buttons, ribbons, stamps, and rhinestones), photo mats, and room for users to write down their thoughts, titles, or information.

2) Images for Scrapbooks

While personal photos play an important role in scrapbooks, digital images are also used to enhance pages. Artisans either draw or design images that are saved as PNG or JPEG files. Images are provided to Etsy shoppers with a transparent background that they can download, and then print or edit in their own graphics program. From vintage-style imagery to cartoony illustrations, there is no end to the kind of art you can provide scrapbookers. To truly stand out, create images that are unique and hard-to-find.

3) Paper Designs

Some Etsy crafters sell high-quality designs saved with high resolution, which serve as patterned papers for scrapbookers. The consumer then has the option to print the patterns on paper of their choosing, such as textured, plain, colored, glossy, or of varying thickness.

4) Digital Fonts

For people that enjoy digital scrapbooking, having a variety of fonts provides more opportunities for creativity to blossom. Some scrapbookers also print out digital fonts to include in the pages of their physical albums. When looking for fonts to create, consider fancy script for wedding scrapbooks, children’s handwriting for baby books, and hobby-related fonts.

5) Stickers

Adhesive embellishments are a popular way to decorate scrapbooking pages. To ensure the longevity of the layout, offer consumers acid-free stickers. You may also want to include stickers that match existing layout pages and papers available at your Etsy shop.

6) Embellishments

Scrapbookers are always on the lookout for unique ways to adorn their pages. Since Etsy allows crafters to sell supplies, you could also outfit your store with vintage trinkets, charms, envelope tags, stamps, die cut cardstock, and metal embellishments.

Etsy By the Sea

Etsy artisans are often inspired by nature when making their creations. Bodies of water encourage ocean wave designs, seafoam-colored jewelry, and textured pottery. To get an idea of just a few of the sea-related specialties offered on Etsy, consider the following artisans and shops:

Message in a Bottle

Mystic Messages incorporates a handful of sea-related elements to create your very own message in a bottle. Authentic sand from Hollywood Beach, California and one tiny seashell are placed inside a glass bottle. Inside, one scroll with a message you create is also inserted. The bottle is corked with the option to make it a single keepsake, necklace, or key chain. A charm of your choice is attached to the bottle, which ranges from an angel to the key to your heart.

Names in the Sand

A number of Etsy shops offer personalized and customized sand photographs that create memorable keepsakes and gifts. One-of-a-kind custom seaside photos make the perfect gift for birthdays, anniversaries and weddings, or can help you simply tell someone how much you miss them. You get to choose names, dates, and symbols. Some photographers will add embellishments, such as shells or even a starfish to the image, such as ShootingWithSlinky. They do the legwork and create the customized images, which are sent to you in JPEG form.

Shell Jewelry

Along the coastlines and seashores, an abundance of shells in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors await the artisan interested in making jewelry. From decorating picture frames to unique magnets, Etsy crafters have used shells in many different ways, but jewelry is still one of the most popular creations. For instance, these one-of-a-kind earrings take full advantage of the uniqueness of limpet shells, which the artist finds along a beach in California. The artist hand drilled and wire wrapped the shells with smoky crystal, and are sold at ByDelia.

Hand-Painted Sand Dollars

Another creature of the sea is the sand dollar, which refers to the many different sea urchins that burrow into the sand and ocean floor. You probably never thought that a sand dollar could help you cheer on your favorite sports teams. Ishamrocknroll is an Etsy shop based in Clearwater, Florida that offers handpainted sand dollars that represent an artistic love of sports. Professional sports teams include baseball, basketball, and football, as well as college basketball. You can also place custom requests.

Repurposed and Upcycled Train Cases on Etsy

Designer: Judy Valencerina

Etsy Shop: Remixed Vintage

Started: May 2010

Judy Valencerina is a creative jack-of-all-trades, who sings jazz, writes songs, graphic designs, and upcycles vintage items amongst other things. With collage and decoupage techniques, Judy transforms vintage luggage, jewelry boxes, old signs, and other gently used items into one-of-a-kind creations. You can also request customization.

Remixed Vintage focuses on repurposed train cases. Judy gives vintage train cases a new life, which her customers use to store cosmetics, jewelry, small tools, art supplies, photos, fashion accessories (such as scarves and belts), special trinkets, and other keepsakes.

Judy’s style…

Judy enjoys birds, butterflies, and flowers. “I like incorporating imagery from nature in my pieces. The paisley raindrops remind me of flowing water or rolling clouds. I also love digging through old children’s books and maps to find shapes and colors to cut by hand.”

What is your most favorite customized design for a train case? And why.

“[Designing train cases] all started with my music. When I played small gigs around the LA area, I’d have to tote my merch (CD’s for sale & email-list, flyers, tip jar) around with me… so I bought an old train case at a boutique in Ventura to use for displaying all the little doo-dads. Around the same time, I was designing with paper cutouts for the jacket/sleeve for my homemade CD. I decided to give the train case the same treatment. At every gig, I’d receive so many compliments on the piece, and suggestions that I should sell them online because they were so unique. This is my all-time fave case, as it got everything started.”

Where do you find the items that you customize?

“Most of my cases are found at antique markets in the southern CA area – Long Beach, Pasadena Rose Bowl, and Ventura County Fairgrounds. I find many different styles this way. People seem to favor the older era cases from the 40’s through the 60’s. The newer Samsonites from the 70’s are okay, and usually in better shape – but it’s such a thrill to find an older piece that is still in awesome condition at a good price. I also like antique shops, thrifts stores, & eBay.”

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Eco-Friendly Business Ideas for Etsy

An increasing number of consumers are embracing the notion of purchasing goods that take into consideration the planet and environment. Recycling materials, repurposing objects, and choosing sustainable materials are popular methods of making money on Etsy. Why do shoppers go crazy over green products? Because the above-mentioned goods are handcrafted, unique and one-of-a-kind. A couple of ways to establish eco-friendly Etsy shop practices include:

Recycled Goods

Recycled goods involve the transformation of old, used, or discarded objects or trash into works of art and other handcrafted creations. For example, some crafters collect vintage watch parts to make unique jewelry pieces. The rubber from old bike tire inner tubes has been used to create high-fashion tote bags. Broken bike chains have been turned into can openers.

Other ideas include:

  • Recycling bottle caps into refrigerator magnets.
  • Recycling old dominoes to create fashion pendants.
  • Turning broken vase pieces into beautiful mosaics.
  • Using the material of discarded medical scrubs to make men’s ties.

Upcycled or Repurposed Goods

Upcycled or repurposed goods are created when a crafter breathes new life into a used item. A repurposed good is one that serves a different purpose than originally intended – for an intended longer period of time. For example, a roll of duct tape can become a crafter’s new material of choice. Repurpose the sticky adhesive into colorful goods, such as credit card holders, wallets, and even handbags.

Other ideas include:

  • Using an old teacup as a decorative holder for homemade candles.
  • Create bathmats using discarded plastic bags.
  • Turning a used Coke bottle into a decorative vase.

Sustainable Goods

Sustainable goods provide environmental, social and economic benefits while protecting the planet. Sustainable goods involve the eco-friendly extraction of raw materials and the final details of creation. For example, products made out of bamboo are sustainable because the plant saves other trees from use, and bamboo is easily replaceable in a short amount of time. Bamboo is made into a wide range of goods, including furniture, cooking utensils, toys, and clothing.

Eco-Friendly Packaging

If you are unable to work with recyclable or sustainable materials as a crafter, there are other ways to incorporate eco-initiatives into your business. For example, packaging plays an important role in running a business. A few eco-friendly business practices to consider include using biodegradable packaging peanuts, recyclable packaging materials, recycling your own boxes, and filling large boxes with crumpled magazine pages.

How to Jazz Up Photos for Etsy

Images on Etsy play an important role in selling handmade items online. The quality and layout of a photo allows shoppers to better view the craftsmanship, as well as feel motivated to make a purchase. To get the best response regarding your items on Etsy, it is suggested to offer photos that show off your creation alone, as well as one that shows it in use or styled with other objects.

Creative and noticeable photos can be the difference between catching the eye of a shopper and capturing their heart. Before you approach different ways on how to jazz up an Etsy image, do a little brainstorming. Take into consideration the type of item you are selling. For example, you won’t approach a diamond brooch in the same manner as a T-shirt for a baby. The two subjects are completely different. An image for fine jewelry usually calls for elegance and delicate props. Baby items work best with bold colors and fun staging techniques.

Whichever way you decide to approach your Etsy images, it’s important to make sure props and staged photos do not detract or take away from the item you are selling.

Things to Think About…

  • The qualities you’d like to  feature (color, texture, size, shape, function, and unique details).
  • Hidden attributes or uses you’d like to highlight.
  • The all-natural, organic, or eco-friendly qualities of your item.
  • Special processes or techniques.
  • The gift-giving potential of the item.

Ways to Highlight Your Etsy Items in Photos

Let’s say you make all-natural lotions. Create an image that shows a collection of your lotions to illustrate variety. For individual listings, position a citrus-scented lotion next to fresh oranges, grapefruit and lemons. Other ideas include photographing your lotions in a natural setting, such as a wooded area, garden, or by a babbling brook.

Let’s say you sew small tote bags for children. Highlight the portability and function of the tote bag by using a child model. This helps a shopper to see how their child will look using the tote if they see an example rather than just the tote on its own.

Let’s say you use a unique material. Incorporate your creations with the material. Coconut shell necklaces benefit from tropical settings and coconuts. Use a bamboo plant to jazz up a photo of sustainable clothing made out of the material.

Let’s say a certain era or time period inspires you to make jewelry. Use imagery associated with your inspiration in photos of your items. For example, a snapshot of a 16th century-inspired ruby and pearl necklace looks impressive next to a photo of Queen Elizabeth.