Etsy Spotlight: Funky Jewellery UK

***If you’d like to be featured on Craftsyble, please contact our Editor.*** Etsy is filled with many crafters that follow an eco-friendly initiative, and with Funky Jewellery UK – you get planet-friendly creations with loads of color. Using everyday household objects and recycled products, Natalie Mitchell of the United Kingdom, creates eye-catching and multihued jewelry … Read moreEtsy Spotlight: Funky Jewellery UK

Somewhere Over the Rainbow There’s a Craft at Etsy

You don’t have to be like Dorothy and bump your head in order to travel over the rainbow to find the magic of color. With Etsy, the bright, bold and beautiful colors of the rainbow are only a mouse-click away. Below you will find a few examples of handmade creations that make good use of … Read moreSomewhere Over the Rainbow There’s a Craft at Etsy

Scrapbookers: Selling Pre-Made Layouts & Images on Etsy

Scrapbooks are a popular method of preserving memories of loved ones, events, and experiences. The time and creativity that goes into making scrapbooks is sometimes too much for some people to handle. Luckily, Etsy offers a place where scrapbookers can not only show off their talents, but also provide a platform to sell supplies and … Read moreScrapbookers: Selling Pre-Made Layouts & Images on Etsy

Etsy By the Sea

Etsy artisans are often inspired by nature when making their creations. Bodies of water encourage ocean wave designs, seafoam-colored jewelry, and textured pottery. To get an idea of just a few of the sea-related specialties offered on Etsy, consider the following artisans and shops: Message in a Bottle Mystic Messages incorporates a handful of sea-related … Read moreEtsy By the Sea

Repurposed and Upcycled Train Cases on Etsy

Designer: Judy Valencerina Etsy Shop: Remixed Vintage Started: May 2010 Judy Valencerina is a creative jack-of-all-trades, who sings jazz, writes songs, graphic designs, and upcycles vintage items amongst other things. With collage and decoupage techniques, Judy transforms vintage luggage, jewelry boxes, old signs, and other gently used items into one-of-a-kind creations. You can also request … Read moreRepurposed and Upcycled Train Cases on Etsy

Eco-Friendly Business Ideas for Etsy

An increasing number of consumers are embracing the notion of purchasing goods that take into consideration the planet and environment. Recycling materials, repurposing objects, and choosing sustainable materials are popular methods of making money on Etsy. Why do shoppers go crazy over green products? Because the above-mentioned goods are handcrafted, unique and one-of-a-kind. A couple … Read moreEco-Friendly Business Ideas for Etsy

How to Jazz Up Photos for Etsy

Images on Etsy play an important role in selling handmade items online. The quality and layout of a photo allows shoppers to better view the craftsmanship, as well as feel motivated to make a purchase. To get the best response regarding your items on Etsy, it is suggested to offer photos that show off your … Read moreHow to Jazz Up Photos for Etsy

Selling Candles on Etsy

Candles not only provide a decent way to decorate your home, but also serve a function, including providing a light scent to a room and illuminating darkness. Etsy is a popular place for crafters to sell their candles online. With a great deal of competition on Etsy, it’s important to find your niche and provide … Read moreSelling Candles on Etsy

What is the Etsy Treasury Tool?

The Etsy Treasury Tool is a constantly changing shopping gallery that members share with one another of items that have piqued their interest. Each treasury is a list that contains up to 16 items – often centered around a specific theme. Some members use the Treasury to simply share their favorite items. Any member of … Read moreWhat is the Etsy Treasury Tool?