Accepting Submissions for the 2012 Craftsyble Holiday Gift Guide

The Holiday season is almost here! We are accepting submissions for our Craftsyble Holiday Gift Guide. If your product is handmade and can be purchased online, please feel free to send us the following information:

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Deadline: October 17, 2012.

Season's Greetings Squirrel Post Card

We are looking for all sorts of handmade items with a Holiday theme so, if you think your product would make a great Holiday Gift, please send us your suggestion to and we’ll take a look. In the title of your email please write: 2012 Holiday Gift Guide.

Please note that we receive dozens of suggestions every week and cannot possibly respond to each one, even though we wish we could. If your product is chosen to be included in the Holiday Gift Guide, we’ll let you know.

Tips on how to increase your chances of being chosen:

  • make sure your product matches the Holiday/winter theme; while we know that anything can be offered as a gift, we will be featuring products that do fit the Holiday/winter spirit
  • provide ALL the information requested
  • make sure your description has a MINIMUM of 120 words.
  • make sure your picture is attached, not included in the body of the email and is at least 400px x 400px
  • have your product online, available for purchase or custom order.

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Become a Member of The Artisan Group

Today I’d like to share with you fantastic news: The Artisan Group™ is accepting new members!! The Artisan Group membership is, usually, by invitation only. However, right now, you can apply online without an invitation.

The Artisan Group is an elite, close-knit community of over 700 talented artisans from all over the world who exhibit excellence of product, great product photography, impressive branding and online shop presence, unique products, an established online sales record and products appropriate (size-wise) for gifting.

Russell Hornsby holding a Seaside Soap bar by Magic Senses – represented by The Artisan Group at GBK’s Academy Awards Gift Lounge Feb. 2012

The Artisan Group introduces Hollywood to the best of the handcrafted movement. They do it by providing owners of artisan businesses the chance to gift their products to celebrities, industry leaders and members of the press through participation in major award show gift lounges.

The Artisan Group is looking for talented artisans whose handcrafted products include jewelry, bath and spa products, designer stationery and paper goods, crocheted accessories, children’s apparel and toys, ceramics, purses and totes, hand-poured candles, hand-bound books and journals, illustrations and paintings, hand-dyed scarves, fine art photography, hair accessories, pet accessories and toys, woodworked items.

If you apply and are accepted, you’ll have to be active and committed – otherwise your membership will be purged due to innactivity. So, only serious artisans, please.

If you ever wanted to put your product in the hands of the celebrities, producers or members of the Press, this is your chance! Please mention that you found out about this opportunity via Craftsyble. 🙂


P.S. Photo courtesy of The Artisan Group and Magic Senses ®.

A New TLC Show Called ‘Craft Wars’

There’s nothing like a bit of friendly competition to spark your creative heartbeat, and with the new TLC show called ‘Craft Wars,’ you’ll see an assortment of crafters participate in challenges to see who will come out on top. The first episode debuted on June 26 at 9 p.m. Each episode sees three new, regular ol’ crafting enthusiasts go against one another in two rounds, which could involve a wide range of genres and materials, such as glitter, wood, pipe cleaners and large-scale projects.

Participants in the challenges will utilize the supplies and materials found in what is called “Michaels Craft Closet” – provided by the largest arts and crafts retailer in North America. A panel of expert judges will then critique the creations of the crafters. A preview of the show promises larger-than-life crafting projects that go beyond the typical crafts often done on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Prepare for an intense, emotional battle between contestants as they attempt to please the judges.

The host and executive producer of ‘Craft Wars’ is Tori Spelling, who first gained fame by starring in the popular TV series, “90120”. She is a craft enthusiast who will juggle her talents as an actress, author and designer during the series. Spelling will serve as a guide for the audience, as well as mentor contestants on the show.

Craft Wars‘ judges include:

  • Stephen Brown – As the entrepreneur and founder of the multi-million dollar giftware company, Glitterville Studio, Brown is also an author and creator of one-of-a-kind designs. His goods are sold all over the world in high-end retail shops.
  • Erica Domesek – The founder and CEO of the DIY company, P.S.-I made this, who also penned a book of the same name. She’s a DIY design and lifestyle expert, who has created innovative designs that have graced the pages of leading fashion and lifestyle magazines.
  • Jo Pearson – For the past 25 years, Pearson has served as a creative expert for Michaels and is an inspiration to the crafting community – writing and hosting numerous craft-related projects.

On Twitter, please use the tag #craftwars to join the conversation. And don’t forget to follow @Craftsyble!

Crafting Basics – Cutting Tools

From decorating handmade greeting cards to cutting just the right amount of fabric for your next masterpiece, you’re going to need a pair of scissors or craft knife of some sort to achieve such projects. In crafting, you will encounter a range of sharp edges – some of which make better choices than others. Below are some of the basic cutting tools you may want to become familiar with as you expand the number of crafts you’d like to make.


Every crafter will need a pair of scissors at some point in time. Having more than one pair on hand is recommended – aim for a few pairs of large and small sharp scissors. Larger pairs address cutting heavier materials. Smaller scissors will allow you to cut around curves and remove small, intricate shapes. A sturdy pair of fabric cutting scissors will make life easier for those that sew. Only use them for fabric to avoid dulling their edge.

Decorative Scissors

When you’re looking to create unique shapes with the edges of your crafts, there are scissors that come with decorative edges. For example, add personality to save-the-date cards with a pair of scissors that zig-zags the edges.

Paper Cutter

A paper cutter creates a perfectly straight line that really comes in handy when working with large paper projects or preparing materials for mounting your works of art. You may choose between two different types of cutters. The first has a rotary blade that slides along the cutting edge. A guillotine blade slices paper with the help of a lever. Some of the more higher-end rotary cutters offer a light under the cutting edge that makes it easier to see where the blade will cut.

Circle Cutter

Adjust this cutter to cut circles of any diameter. The tool can be used to quickly crop photos with ease, add round embellishments to your scrapbooks, cut mats, and fashion circular greeting cards.

Craft Knife

With a variety of sizes to consider, craft knives help with both intricate cutting and larger projects. The basic style of a craft knife is a 5″ aluminum tube handle with a pointed blade. Handles range from small to large. A craft knife set (shown) offers a range of blades that address different tasks, such as etching, scribing, retouching stencils, layouts and pasteups. When stored, you should keep the cap on the knife, push it into a cork, or store in a carrying case. A popular brand is the X-Acto Knife, which provides convenience through their replaceable blades.

Hole Punch and Craft Punches

Often seen on a teacher’s desk, the hole punch creates one small hole wherever you need one. From stringing ribbon through homemade Christmas tags to enhancing your scrapbooks, you’d be surprised just what the often-forgotten metal office tool can do. Nowadays, you can find hole punches that come in the shape of stars, hearts, flowers and other fun shapes. Try using a hole punch to add texture to your pages.

Corner Rounder

To create curved shapes in your paper corners, this tool belongs in the same family as the craft punch.

Tin Snips

When you need to cut heavier materials, such as sheet metal, consider getting a pair of tin snips – heavy-duty scissors.

Wire Cutter

Do not use your scissors to cut wire – this will only dull the blades. A pair of needle-nose pliers with a wire cutter will come in handy.

How to Celebrate National Hobby Month in January

January is National Hobby Month – the perfect occasion to explore a new talent or enhance your current interests. The month is also an ideal opportunity to share your interests with friends and family. Besides organizing a craft night with your children or hosting a craft party with your pals, consider some of the following ways you can celebrate National Hobby Month.

Learn Something New

If you’ve always wanted to learn how to paint, draw, scrapbook or complete any other creative endeavor, January is the perfect time to explore your hidden talents. It’s never too late to discover a skill you never knew you had in you. Need a place to start? Scan tutorials on Pinterest or explore the endless number of crafting bloggers that write ‘how to’ posts.


Does it look like you need to replenish your paint colors? Are you running out of findings and Swarovski beads? Is it time to create a new scent for your candle or soap hobby? Devote just one day during National Hobby Month to splurge on yourself. Set a budget or a goal, such as leaving the store with something red, spending only $10, or simply using a 50% off coupon at Michaels.

Push Yourself

Pushing yourself in a hobby helps you unlock challenges that keep your skills and creativity sharp. For example, if you like painting model cars, perhaps you’d like to build your own and maybe add a motor to make them move.  If you get good at this craft, they’d make excellent presents that could also become an entryway into the small business world.

Take a Class

During this month, craft supply stores (such as Michaels) will host a range of classes for the public. This is your chance to learn about a new craft, technique or material. Take the time to hone your craft, as well as mingle with other creative minds.

Make Money with Hobby

What better time to turn your hobby into a small business than during National Hobby Month. If you have a knack for sewing, perhaps you’d like to create scarfs for the wintertime, baby booties and hats, or colorful quilts. Put your creative candle making to good use by setting up an online shop through Etsy to sell your scented wares. Whether you make unique woodcrafts or theme magnets, there are endless opportunities to make money with your hobby.

2012 Craftsyble Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Valentine Heart Glass Pocket Magnetic Vase

Price: $12.50
By: BPR Designs

Here is the perfect vase to handle those sweet winter flowers in your kitchen! Pretty pink fused glass vase has a small “pocket” in it to hold water and few lovely stems from your garden! This one comes with two large craft magnets on the back so that you can attach it to your refrigerator and keep those beautiful flowers close at hand. Measures about 4″ tall and about 2″ wide.

# # #

Valentine Shmalentine fashion t-shirt

Price: from $24
By: Rotem Gear

Cupids, Victorian flourishes and symbols of love embellish an unexpected and ironic anti-valentine message: Valentine Shmalentine. Available in women’s and junior sizes, 100% cotton.

# # #

Peony Handcrafted Glycerin Soap

Price: $5.75
By Magic Senses

A soft and sweet peony fragrance in a gorgeous vegetable glycerin soap bar with white and pink floral design. This soap is part of the Harmony Collection by Magic Senses®. Handcrafted in Stockton, it weighs approx. 5 oz. Each soap comes in its own clear box with a gold stretch loop, ready to be offered to that special someone! More fragrances and designs available.
# # #

Sex on the Beach Whipped Sugar Scrub

Price: $8.50 for an 8oz jar
By: Pine Tree Road Soap Shop

This NEW Sex on the Beach Whipped Sugar Scrub is handmade with the simple ingredients of coconut oil, sugar, purified water and fragrance.

Don’t be fooled by the lightness. Their new whipped scrubs carry the same amount of “scrubbiness” as their regular sugar scrubs. You’ll fall in love with the new texture!

And if you love fruity, crisp scents, you’ll absolutely fall in love with this scrub! It smells just like the cocktail.
Packaged in an 8oz clear plastic jar with black lid.
# # #

Pink Hearts Handmade Journal

Price: $15.00
By: Studio827 KC

This is a handmade pocket journal covered in a pretty heart patterned scrapbooking paper! It measures 3.75″ x 5.625″. This book has 128 lined pages, hand cut and stitched together, made of 24lb. linen natural colored paper that is Green Seal Certified with 30% PC Fiber. It also features a pocket in the back to hold all of your little treasures! The book has an elastic closure and ribbon page marker. Perfect little book to fit in your purse or to keep all of your lists organized!
# # #

Valentine’s Day Embellished Fabric Rosette Hair Clip (Small)

Price: $7.00
By: Nikki, In Stitches

These boutique style fabric rosettes are the perfect complement to an already adorable outfit! Each rosette is hand sewn. They are not glued together!
After the rosette is sewn perfectly into place, sequins and beads are hand sewn to the rosette. They are then adhered to a fabric backing, and a metal hair clip.
Each rosette measures approximately 1 3/4 inches.
# # #

Sterling heart pendant

Price: $95.00
By: Catcophony Wearable Art

Hammered heart of 18-gauge argentium sterling silver is 2-1/2″ in length and is on an adjustable sterling silver chain (max length 25″).
# # #




Custom Heart Map Necklace

Price: $45
By: Designs by Taylor2u

Pick any location on earth that holds special meaning in your heart. Where did you grow up? Where did you get engaged? Where did you honeymoon? Where was your adopted child born? Your one of a kind necklace will feature an authentic map clipping placed behind glass that measures 1.25″ tall x 1.25″ wide.

The map is protected behind a thick layer of solder and gently dangles from a shiny silver plated chain.
# # #

Heart Shaped Earring with Handmade Fused Glass Red Cabochon

Price: $ 15.00
By: Glassimo

These earrings are the perfect gift to those who love simplicity.
They are approximately 1″ x 1 1/4″ (30mm by 29mm) silver plated heart shaped ear hoops and have a hinged back. For the cabochon, the artisan fused red glass chip together and made the hole with diamond drill. The result is a modern, elegantly simple and adorable pair of earrings.
# # #

Love in Bloom Collection – Green Spring, Red Summer, Yellow Autumn, Blue Winter – Circle Glass Tile Pendant

Price: $8
By: BKD Signature

This gorgeous glass pendant is sealed through a detailed and tedious process with high-quality photo paper, handmade glass tiles, and handmade glazes. The tiles are sealed for moisture resistance and each one is a tiny masterpiece at just 1 inch diameter. Hung on your favorite chain, it will dress up any casual top or accent your evening finery. Each one is personally signed by the artist.

# # #

My Amethyst Valentine -Amethyst heart gemstone necklace

Price: $94
By: Hearts of Stone Jewelry

Hearts of Stone Jewelry just loves Valentine’s Day! They’re always full of heart, so it can be Valentine’s everyday! More than loving hearts, owner/designer Rachel Leathers loves stones of all kinds, and loves to showcase the natural beauty of the stones in handmade earrings, necklaces and sets, and chokers. Giving a piece of jewelry from the HoSJ collection is perfect for any gift-giving opportunity; birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, Mother’s Day, just because, and of course, Valentine’s Day. It’s an easy way to give heart jewelry that’s not the usual red, clear or white heart. A gemstone heart can be personal based on birthstone or favorite color or stone. Since 90% of designs in the collection are one-of-a-kind, you can give or get a piece that will be all yours!

# # #

Brass Heart Locket & Garnet Charm Necklace

Price: $32.00
By: Saressa Designs

This sweet charm style necklace features an adorable vintage raw brass heart shaped locket suspended on a 14K Gold Filled chain with a petite, AAA quality Garnet briolette wrapped in 14K Gold Filled wire dangling next to it. The unique thing about this locket is that it opens from the bottom and has its hinge on top. It is super cute and would make a wonderful gift for your sweetheart.

Necklace – 18 inches from clasp end to end w/ spring ring clasp
Brass Heart Locket – 15mm
Garnet briolette – approx 5x7mm
# # #

“Crazy 4 U” iPhone Case

Price: $35
By: Paper Angels Photography

The iPhone case is an one-piece, impact resistant, flexible plastic hard case featuring the fine art print, “Crazy 4 U” for the iPhone 4 and 4S versions. Simply snap the case onto your iPhone for solid protection and direct access to all device features. The print “Crazy 4 U” features two candy hearts with a message that will make your Valentine happy!
# # #

Red Heart Felted Soap

Price: $13
By: Engelfelt Designs
No more washcloths!

One 3oz bar of creamy, mild peppermint handmade Goat Milk Soap has been carefully wrapped and felted in soft white wool roving, then hand felted with an original Engelfelt heart design.

When wet, the soap lathers up and the wool gently exfoliates your skin.

As you use the soap, the wool keeps shrinking around the soap and when the soap is gone, you are left with a tiny felted pouch that can be used as a scrubby, or cut open to store little treasures.
# # #

Chandelier Earrings

Price: $29
By: Aya Designs

Gorgeous 3.5 inches long Chandelier earrings with faceted clear quartz drop, iridescent blue crystals, Swarovski crystals, peacock coin pearls, opalites, white potato pearls on silver plated chain and wire. These are hypo allergenic for sensitive ears.
# # #

Horned Heart Necklace

Price: $75.00
By: Autumn Bradley

Not just any old heart! This naughty little horned heart necklace is handmade from oxidized sterling silver and copper and hangs from an 18″ sterling silver chain. It can be personalized with a name or word on the back for an additional charge.
# # #

Handcrafted Sterling Silver Amethyst Earring with Aurora Borealis Crystal accents

Price: $169.05
By: Sherry’s Jewelry

2″ Elegantly designed Amethyst earring with aurora borealis Swarovski crystals to accent them. These are stunning earring and with the matching pendant also listed for sale they will bring you to the center of attention! They sparkle and shine!
They are made out of Sterling Silver (925) wire, crystals, and amethyst gemstone cabochons.
# # #


Sweetheart Bear

Price: $47.24
By: TG Bears

Sweetheart Bear wears his heart right on his chest. And what a better way of telling your Valentine you love them than giving them a handmade teddy bear with their name on.

Just through Valentine’s Day – Sweetheart Bear will come with a red rose petal soap.
# # #




Miss Clara Locket

Price: $26.00
By: Pangea Handmade :

A dusty blue and white vintage cameo is the feature of this gorgeous locket. A vintage, heart-shaped, antiqued brass locket falls behind the cameo and a pretty bronzed Czech glass stone falls just in front of it. The antiqued brass chain is 18 inches long and closes with a lobster claw clasp.

The locket measures almost exactly 1 inch across.
# # #

Valentine’s Romantic Couples Gift Set

Price: $25.00
By: bodyspell

Love is in the air and what better way to celebrate than to give a romantic gift you both can enjoy! The events of the night are up to you…bubble bath, fizzie bath, massage.

This gift set includes 9 items:
*Two Heart Shaped Soaps
*Two Heart Shaped Bath Fizzies
*One 2 oz Bubble Bath (Pink)
*One 2 oz Body or Room Spray with floating confetti (silver hearts & the word “Love”)
*One 1 oz Scented Massage Oil (black bottle/not edible)
*One 1/8 oz Perfume Oil Roll-On
*One .40 oz tin of Chocolate Edible Massage Bar
*One White Organza Gift bag

You may choose to have your gift set in one of the following fragrances: Angel Type, Chocolate, Honey Vanilla Love Dust, Moonlight Tuberose (Velvet Tuberose Type), Love Spell Type, Red Rose, Strawberry Passion, Pink Sugar Type .

# # #

Hand Beaded “Ruby Red Coffee Scoop”

Price: $15.00
By: Elegantly Eclectic

The ruby red color of these glass beads will remind you of fresh pomegranate seeds.

This is a unique stainless steel coffee scoop that is hand-beaded using glass beads and jewelry-grade copper wire (which makes it tarnish resistant). The scoop measures two tablespoons (and is about 6 inches long) for coffee, hot chocolate or even sugar for our bakers out there! This scoop was made using a blend of beautiful clear and frosted ruby red glass beads. There are a few faceted “crystal” beads that add really pretty sparkle to the scoop.

A version of this scoop will be in swag bags for an Oscar gift lounge in L.A. this February.
# # #

Personalized Stationery Flat Note Set with Calligraphy Design

Price: $24.75
By: Sparetire Design

Set of 15 flat notes (5 x 7) with lined envelopes. This set of flat note stationery has an elegant and simple calligraphy pattern, personalization is included. Great for everyday notes, thank you notes and dropping a note to a friend. Printed on 100# cream felt paper in chocolate and pumpkin. Coordinating felt envelope with chocolate paisley liners make these flat notes stand out. Stationery makes a wonderful and thoughtful gift for your Valentine!
# # #

Plumeria Petals Glycerin Soap

Price: $6
By: Shaka Soap

This beautiful 4oz bar of glycerin soap is made with goat’s milk and pure glycerin. The scent is a fresh Plumeria flower, reminiscent of a tropical getaway.

The soap is colored with oxides, which are natural, earth-derived colorants.
# # #



Vintage Silver Tray Heart Necklace

By: Lizzy B Vintage

Lizzy makes jewelry from vintage found objects. She uses old watches, spoons, chandelier crystals and more in each of her pieces.

For Valentine’s Day, she is featuring a heart shaped pendant made from a vintage silver tray circa 1920-1950. She scours estate sales and flea markets looking for trays with unique patterns. She hand cuts, grinds and polishes each piece until a beautiful heart is formed. A vintage pearl is then added and the pendant is put on an 18 inch antiqued silver chain.
# # #

Pretty in pink scarf perfect for your VALENTINE

Price: $75.00
By: dbk Design Arts

Drape your darling (or yourself) in this fabulous scarf! Vibrant pink is the hot color this season! This perfectly pretty pink scarf is hand dyed and then woven with ribbon in a pleasingly colorful palette—-the colors of love!!!

Once you put this scarf on, you will not want to take it off!
# # #



Ruby and Sterling Silver Necklace

Price: $72.00
By: GirlLovesGlitter

Each handmade spinning gemstone bead was painstakingly cut and drilled by the artisan herself. She sets each side of the tubes with a sparkling 4mm deep raspberry red lab grown Ruby, for a total of 8 gemstones. The tubes spin and slide freely as the necklace moves with you. She polished them to a nice satin finish and hung them from a Sterling Silver 1mm bead chain with a spring clasp. Fun, elegant and modern at the same time! Necklace – 18″
# # #

Sterling Silver Valentine’s Day with Swarovski Crystal & Pearl Statement Necklace – Hand stamped

Price: $42.00
By: The Silver Buddha

Anyone will cherish this necklace! The designer made this using a 1/2″ sterling silver disc, hand stamped with Be Mine and a heart and along side hanging on the 18″ chain is a Swarovski pearl, a Swarovski red crystal and a genuine small square rose quartz which many say is for love. The perfect Valentine gift, and also comes to you in a pretty organza bag.
# # #

The Andromeda Necklace – Feminine Steampunk Limited Edition 1 of 15

Price: $240.00
By: Sahetah’s Jewelry
Steampunk meets the Amazons in this radiant necklace and it will capture eyes and hearts alike.

Bold like the women who defied the cruelties of man and proved themselves to be great warriors, it is only fitting to name this beauty with an Amazonian name – The Andromeda Necklace.


# # #


Bombshell Jean, Fuschia Pink Corset Soap

Price: $10.00
By: Starlet Glam Bath & Body

This gorgeous corset soap is inspired by Jean Harlow. A corset she would have fallen in love with! The fragrance is called Little Black Dress and is it ever soooooo sexy with base notes of white carnation and blood orange, notes of sandalwood, black rose, smoky wood, and a kiss of patchouli. The top notes give a hint of toasted vanilla bean and whiffs of vetiver, amber, and the tiniest touch of Egyptian musk for a smoky, sexy finish.

# # #

One of a Kind Love Greeting Card with Red Lace Flower

Price: $3.00
By: Enchantingdreams

This cute, one of a kind card measures 4.375 x 5.75 inches and is blank inside for your own personal message.

This card is embellished with a specialty scrapbooking paper from Brenda Walton of a bird singing and various heart musical notes printed on it. Added to the left hand corner, there is a flower that the artisan made using red lace and adding a white button for its center. To the right of the card, there is a 3 dimensional sticker that says, “Love.” Running along the bottom of the card, there is a sticker trim that has “xoxo” on it.

Great card to give this Valentine’s Day to that special someone that you love and makes your heart sing!
# # #

Red Purse HUGE Fashion Cocktail Ring – Upcycled Pin – Adjustable Ring

Price: $15.00
By: Catherine’s Jewelry Design

HUGE fashion rings – costume/cocktail rings – are FUN to wear! That’s why they are so popular right now! Get in on the trend with this recycled, up-cycled, trendy, vintage, converted pin/brooch ring. For this ring, the designer took a vintage pin (over 20 years old LOL!) that had a broken clasp. She filed down the broken clasp bits until they were smooth and attached it to an adjustable ring base with extra strong jeweler’s epoxy.

Fun to make ~ Fun to wear! Win ~ Win!

This ring is extremely comfortable to wear, and would make a great gift for fashion forward people everywhere. Happy Valentine’s Day!
# # #

Organic Massage Oil

Price: $13.95 CAN
By: Aromatic Health

This Organic Massage Oil is very nourishing and can be used on its own or with the addition of essential oils. This is an unscented, organic massage oil, which can be used with their essential oil blends, such as the Cold & Sinus, Children’s Cold & ‘Flu and Tranquil Child. It contains no artificial fragrances or preservatives (parabens), no petrochemicals; it is cruelty-free, vegan and non-toxic.
# # #

Swarovski Crystal Cocktail Rings

Price: $25-$50
By: Expression Rings of Hope

Handmade Swarovski Crystal Cocktail Rings. The rings are hand woven with 16- 6mm bicone crystals and threaded with Miyuki Delica Seed Beads. They are made with a strong, stretchy jewelry cord to fit almost any ring size. They compliment any women’s wardrobe, both day and night! A portion from each ring sale is donated to the V Foundation for Cancer Research.

Join in the fashion statement and BLING FOR A CAUSE!
# # #

Blue Sugar Bubble Bath CupFake

Price: $6
By: SoGa Soap & CupFakery

A full sized CupFake, in a Bubble Bath! These gorgeous bath treats are just perfect when you need a little alone time in the tub! Each cake is a bath fizzy, with a bubble bath marshmallow icing. For the best effect, place the whole CupFake under running water and watch the show! Masterfully blended, the cotton candy sweetness of cotton candy has evolved into something unmistakably masculine with a darker, more toasted sugar note. Perfect for Valentine’s Day!
# # #

Leather Wrap Bracelet with Winged Heart Charm

Price: $35.00
By: Charmed Design

A charming winged heart with three crystals on it hangs from the lobster clasp of a red braided leather cord. The charm is silver plated pewter. The cord is 28 inches long and will wrap around your wrist four times.
# # #


Come to Me Natural Perfume Sample

Price: $10.00
By: Esscentual Alchemy

Esscentual Alchemy has invoked a love perfume…a natural perfume for enchanting the one of your desire. Come to Me, Boy…

The air is warm and damp. There was a rainfall here this morning… The forest glade is empty of trees, save for the gargantuan husk of rotting weed that once was a tall, lichen and moss covered pine. The canopy has since grown closed overhead, dappling the ferns and log below with flecks of light, warming the milieu of scent as it fills my nostrils.

Perfume Ingredients: Rose Damask, Jasmine Sambac, Bergamot, Dark Patchouli, Ambergris, Cinnamon, Ylang-ylang, Vanilla Bean Tincture, Neroli, Gardenia enfleurage, Tuberose, Spikenard, Myrrh, Camphor, Himalayan Cedar, Fir, Frankincense
# # #

Slim Clutch Purse in Retro Floral

Price: $18.00 USD
By : Christine & Company

This clutch is made from retro style floral cotton and lined with a bright pink canvas duck cloth. The magnetic snap closure will keep your cell phone, sunglasses, lipstick and a small wallet or ID case safe inside. The pink polka dot flower is removable with a pin back and features an organic coconut shell button center.

Measurements: approx. 8″ wide x 5″ tall. The flower pin measures approx. 3′ across.

Like this clutch but want different fabric? Or maybe you need a few for your bridesmaids or for graduation gifts? Just contact the artist and she’ll make a special clutch just for you!
# # #

May Day Bison Booties

Price: $27
By: Bison Booties

Soft-soled Bison Booties keep tiny toes warm and cozy and stay on even the busiest baby feet. Bison Booties can be worn with or without socks and are machine washable. Bison Booties have a cuddly faux Sherpa insole and faux suede non-slip outsole. Available in size newborn through toddler 6.

# # #

Blossom a handmade one of a kind miniature artist bear

Price: $30.00
By: The Patchwork Ark

The name Blossom comes from Old English; Meaning Flower. And the desert shall rejoice and blossom as the rose. . . Isaiah 35:1-2

Blossom is a one-of-a-kind bear, made of pink tipped white mohair.
Blossom is approximately five inches tall. Her paw pads are made of a lace covered
ivory velvet.

Blossom will brighten your little cottage every time you look at her.
She wears a hand beaded pink lace neck ruffle, embellished with two pink crystals.

Accepting Submissions for the 2012 Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Valentine’s Day is getting closer! Starting today till Tuesday, January 17, 2012 (end of day), we are accepting submissions for our Valentine’s Day Gift Guide. If your product is handmade and can be purchased online, please feel free to send us the following information:

Product Name:
Product Price:
Product Description (100 – 150 words):
Link to Product page: http://
Company Name:
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Using Pinterest for Crafting

The purpose of Pinterest is to offer a social website that allows users to create, manage and share collections of images based on various themes. Users come in contact with other members from around the world – connecting with those that share the same interests, styles and hobbies. After becoming a member of Pinterest, you can start creating boards and mingling with others. And don’t forget to follow Craftsyble on Pinterest!

Basic Components of Pinterest

A ‘board’ is a set of ‘pins’ centered on any given topic. When creating a theme-related image board, the pictures will fall into subcategories. For crafters, you will most likely organize your information under architecture, art, design, DIY & crafts, education, home décor, photography, and print & posters. Pinterest gives you suggestions for the themes of your boards, such as “Books Worth Reading,” but you can tweak and create your own. An example of a board is seen in the image, which shows ideas for future crafts the user wishes to try out.

A ‘pin’ is an image added to Pinterest – represented by the small thumbnails on the board. One of the ways to add an image to a board is with the “Pin It “button. This feature fits nicely on your Internet toolbar, allowing you to create your visual boards with media you’ve come across while surfing online.

Users can ‘like’ a pin on anyone else’s board, and also ‘re-pin’ an interest of another user, which will appear on their boards for their followers to see. Members can additionally leave comments on ‘pins’. Users have the opportunity to follow other Pinterest users – which helps you keep up with the latest trends and inspiration.

Pinterest for Crafters

Pinterest provides a wealth of inspiration for a crafter. You can use the platform to:

  • Save the links to visual pockets of inspiration
  • Keep track of interesting tutorials
  • Connect with like-minded crafters
  • Save information that will make your business better
  • Highlight resources for materials, tools and other supplies for your business

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