Repurposed and Upcycled Train Cases on Etsy

Designer: Judy Valencerina Etsy Shop: Remixed Vintage Started: May 2010 Judy Valencerina is a creative jack-of-all-trades, who sings jazz, writes songs, graphic designs, and upcycles vintage items amongst other things. With collage and decoupage techniques, Judy transforms vintage luggage, jewelry boxes, old signs, and other gently used items into one-of-a-kind creations. You can also request … Read moreRepurposed and Upcycled Train Cases on Etsy

Interview with Artisan Beth Reiman

Today I am delighted to introduce you to Ms. Beth Reiman, the talented artisan behind BPR Designs. She kindly answered a few questions for Craftsyble readers. Before we start, I just want to let you know that Ms. Reiman makes the most beautiful glass soap dishes I have ever seen! Enjoy! Handmade Glass Soap Dishes … Read moreInterview with Artisan Beth Reiman

Interview with Designer Stacy Altiery

Today’s guest is Ms. Stacy Altiery, a very talented designer who makes unique and stylish, hand crafted stationery, note cards, invitations and other paper goodies. She kindly agreed to answer a few questions and share her experience. 1. When did you start Inkspot Workshop and why? Whose idea was it? I started InkSpot Workshop in April of … Read moreInterview with Designer Stacy Altiery

Interview with Leather Artist Kara Ginther

Today’s guest is Ms. Kara Ginther, one of the most remarkable leather artists out there! She kindly agreed to answer a few questions for Craftsyble readers.   Before we start, here is a little bit about Kara:   Using fine wood carving tools, she hand carves leather bicycle saddles with intricate patterns, removing the thinnest surface layer to … Read moreInterview with Leather Artist Kara Ginther

Interview with Grace Anker

Today’s guest is Ms. Grace Anker from “The Potter’s Wheel” in Kew Gardens, New York. I absolutely love her work and I want to share her story. Here is our interview: What made you choose ceramics? Raised with old-world values, I was introduced to needle crafts at the age of four or five.  It gave me great … Read moreInterview with Grace Anker