Selling Wedding Goods on Etsy

If you’re a crafter looking for a niche on Etsy, perhaps you’d like to explore the lucrative world of wedding planning. Every year, an estimated more than 2 million people tie the knot, and there’s a lot that goes into making sure the personal touches of this special day are in place. Artisans that sell … Read moreSelling Wedding Goods on Etsy

Crafting Basics – Cutting Tools

From decorating handmade greeting cards to cutting just the right amount of fabric for your next masterpiece, you’re going to need a pair of scissors or craft knife of some sort to achieve such projects. In crafting, you will encounter a range of sharp edges – some of which make better choices than others. Below … Read moreCrafting Basics – Cutting Tools

Applications for Etsy Artisans

In this day and age, social media and portable technology is becoming an increasingly influential component of selling crafts both offline and online. As for Etsy artisans, there are many creative applications (or apps) to consider when you are a seller. You can use the tools to help track the progress of your small business, … Read moreApplications for Etsy Artisans

Boost Your Small Business for the Holidays

Christmas is an important opportunity for small businesses to entice buyers into purchasing their goods. Many sellers treat this time of the year differently because they know Christmas shoppers are constantly looking for the best deals on unique gifts for loved ones. From advertising methods to the different kinds of items offered at a shop, … Read moreBoost Your Small Business for the Holidays

How to Make a Fancy Gift Package Bow

Crafters on Etsy often add their own personal touches to their creations that set them aside from the rest of the sellers. The packaging of their product is no different. From customized boxes to a signature stamp, there are plenty of ways to make your Etsy shop stand out. Just like people adore a Tiffany’s … Read moreHow to Make a Fancy Gift Package Bow

Soap Crafters – Offline Places to Sell Your Soaps

You’ve prepared the molds, perfected the scents, printed out the labels, and created catchy names…now all you have to do is find buyers for the handcrafted soaps you’ve spent so much time working on. Many crafters set up websites and open up online shops with Etsy and Artfire. However, to maximize profits, you should consider … Read moreSoap Crafters – Offline Places to Sell Your Soaps

Working with Sea Glass

With alluring shades of green and blue, sea glass creations makes an attractive addition to crafters that sell jewelry on Etsy. Sea glass is formed when it comes in contact with waves, water, and sand, which smooth out the shards (and often creates a frosted appearance). This type of glass is found on beaches, along … Read moreWorking with Sea Glass

5 Places to Buy Supplies for a Craft Business

Where do you go when you run out of fabric, yarn, paper, ink, clay, beads, ribbon, and all the other supplies you need to make your creations? When ordering online just won’t do and you need materials quickly, many local stores are ready and willing to help. Offering weekly deep discounts (with some providing 40 … Read more5 Places to Buy Supplies for a Craft Business

How to Gain Traffic to Your Craft Blog

Crafters often establish a blog to spread the word about their latest creations, share techniques and tutorials, as well as communicate with others who have the same passion. Nowadays, your blog is a tiny fish in a gigantic pond of websites that want some of the same things you do – to gain traffic and … Read moreHow to Gain Traffic to Your Craft Blog

Getting Inspiration from Crafting Magazines

Where do you get your inspiration from when creating crafts and enhancing the products you offer consumers? For some, subscribing to craft-related magazines helps to expand their overall knowledge of their field, learn new techniques, become familiar with the latest tools and materials, and of course – get new ideas. If you’re looking for inspiration … Read moreGetting Inspiration from Crafting Magazines