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Last week, I had the pleasure of interviewing Debrah Block Krol, a very talented artisan from The Artisan Group. Here is what she had to say:

1. What is DBK Design Arts all about?

I am the dbk, debrah block krol in the name. I have been artist all my life, and was encouraged from a very early age to develop my talents. I have a bfa in painting from Rutgers. I wanted to get into a more tactile method of working. I have always loved textiles, sewing, all needle arts-combining fiber techniques with wire and gemstones was a natural progression for me. I love the sense of permanence that jewelry has.

2. How do you come up with all these ideas for new products?

That is hard to answer…. I think all artists have different ways of accessing that. My ideas and designs just come to me. They just seem so obvious, and I have to do them…

3. Is there a certain type of jewelry you haven’t tackled yet but would love to, in the future?

I am planning on taking metal classes with the phenomenal jeweler Sue Sachs, so that is another direction I want to explore.

4. Anything on the drawing board?

Nothing specific—I am starting to work in polymer, so that’s new and exciting. I will keep working with gems. I also am having fun mixing dyes for my line of scarves.

5. In your opinion, what is the best part of being an entrepreneur?

I love being able to work when and where I want to. I also take great pleasure in making beautiful items that other people love. It is fulfilling on many levels.

6. Where can we find you?

I live in Millburn, New jersey.
My website is www.dbkdesignarts.com
Facebook is www.facebook.com/dbkdesignarts
Twitter name is @deblockrol
Etsy is http://www.etsy.com/shop/dbkdesignarts
Blog is http://dbkdesign.wordpress.com/

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  4 Responses to “In the Spotlight: DBK Design Arts”

  1. Super write-up, Deb! Love the colors you use :)

  2. I agree that the colors are so inspiring. Lovely article.

  3. Very inspiring, Deb! I love your use of colour.. and your use of the knitted wire gives your work a really earthreal effect. Beautiful!!