Eco-Friendly Christmas Crafts – Sustainable Projects for the Holidays

Our planet suffers the most during the holiday season, because more waste is produced and disposed of at this period than any other time of the year. Eco lifestyle blog Use Less Stuff published statistics about holiday waste—it was found that the extra waste generated over the holidays amount to 25 million tons of garbage. … Read moreEco-Friendly Christmas Crafts – Sustainable Projects for the Holidays

Getting Inspiration from Crafting Magazines

Where do you get your inspiration from when creating crafts and enhancing the products you offer consumers? For some, subscribing to craft-related magazines helps to expand their overall knowledge of their field, learn new techniques, become familiar with the latest tools and materials, and of course – get new ideas. If you’re looking for inspiration … Read moreGetting Inspiration from Crafting Magazines

Ideas for Making Beaded Home Décor

From dangling earrings to elaborate necklaces, one of the most popular products that beaders produce is jewelry. However, take a look around Etsy and you will find a range of beaded items that could become your next business venture. If you are a crafter that works with beads, you may want to consider creating home … Read moreIdeas for Making Beaded Home Décor

Weekend Craft Project: Souvenir Boxes

In the quest to preserve memories, a shadow box for souvenirs offers a mix between creating a scrapbook and displaying mementos in a curio cabinet. Over the years, you’ve probably collected seashells, postcards, concert tickets, playbills, and other special trinkets. Many memories are tucked away in drawers, cupboards, and in shoeboxes collecting dust in closets. … Read moreWeekend Craft Project: Souvenir Boxes

Weekend Craft Project: Photo Blocks

If you’re looking for an eye-catching way to display your favorite snapshots, you may enjoy a weekend craft adventure making photo blocks. Perfect for showing off your wedding, honeymoon, vacation, or children’s school photos, it doesn’t take long to create a work of art. Materials A trip to the local craft supplies store is in … Read moreWeekend Craft Project: Photo Blocks

How to Host a Craft Party

Let’s say you run a craft business or simply craft for a hobby, and you want to share your creativeness with family and friends. What better way to introduce your love of crafting than to host a craft party? With food, drinks, and tons of imagination, your loved ones and buddies may spark an interest … Read moreHow to Host a Craft Party