Etiquette Tips for Craft Shows

Crafters often sell their creations at local shows and fairs. The opportunity provides great exposure for artisans and generally forges connections that can help businesses go. You can learn about craft shows in your area by reading the newspaper, subscribing to trade magazines, and browsing online. Once you get into the swing of attending and … Read moreEtiquette Tips for Craft Shows

Offline Advertising for Your Crafts Business

Even if you’re running an online crafts business, you can still effectively promote your goods offline. Why is considering a variety of advertising methods important for your business? For some crafters, the bulk of their sales will come from local avenues. Depending on your budget, you may want to consider the following offline advertising options … Read moreOffline Advertising for Your Crafts Business

5 Ways to Sell Your Crafts

Every day, new crafts businesses are born. From handmade soap collections to hair bows for children, someone is making money selling a product that they create on their own. In order to make the most out of your talent and hard work, it’s important to explore the different ways you can sell your crafts. To … Read more5 Ways to Sell Your Crafts