Etsy Spotlight: Jennifer Ladd Handbags

If you love color and distinctive designs, then you will enjoy exploring Jennifer Ladd handmade purses and bags. Sewing has always been a passion of Ladd’s, as she specializes in creating vibrant and unique handmade handbags, purses, pouches, business card cases, and wallets. Bird-, animal-, and nature lovers will also gravitate towards Ladd’s work. Luckily, … Read moreEtsy Spotlight: Jennifer Ladd Handbags

Etsy Spotlight: Funky Jewellery UK

***If you’d like to be featured on Craftsyble, please contact our Editor.*** Etsy is filled with many crafters that follow an eco-friendly initiative, and with Funky Jewellery UK – you get planet-friendly creations with loads of color. Using everyday household objects and recycled products, Natalie Mitchell of the United Kingdom, creates eye-catching and multihued jewelry … Read moreEtsy Spotlight: Funky Jewellery UK

Etsy Spotlight: Alliterations

When you’re looking for a ring that makes a statement, shows off your personality, or drums up interesting conversation, Alliterations is a winner. From wide-eyed owls to a painter’s palette, it’s easy to find expressive rings to match various occasions, moods, and interests. Cute and inexpensive, the majority of rings only cost $5 – meaning … Read moreEtsy Spotlight: Alliterations